Fortnite Black Manta Skin Arrives in Item Shop

by in Fortnite | Jul, 17th 2020

Epic Games isn’t done letting players have their way with some new DC Comics skins in Fortnite. There is a new one that is available right now for players to enjoy, and that is the Fortnite Black Manta skin. This one is an exciting addition to the game that is unique and awesome.

Epic Games Releases Fortnite Black Manta Skin

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Black Manta skin for players to check out in battle royale. If you are reading this post, the skin is already in the game, and you can pick it up. There is only one place to get this skin and start using it in battle.

For those who don’t know, the Black Manta is an existing DC Comics supervillain that has been a foe of the Season 3 star Aquaman in the past. If you’ve seen the 2018 Aquaman movie, you might remember it as the main supervillain from the film.

This particular skin version of the character takes some heavy inspiration from the movie’s depiction of the villain and looks great with a sci-fi black suit with massive glowing red eyes. This is a pretty great and rather unique skin that is unlike anything else in the game up until this point.

How to Get the Skin: Price, Availability

If you are looking to grab the Fortnite Black Manta skin for yourself and use it in battle royale, you will need to do one particular thing. There is only one way and place where you can get this new DC Comics skin and that is through the daily item shop in Fortnite.

Unfortunately, unlike the Aquaman skin, you will have to shell out some extra cash (or just v-bucks) if you would like to have this character in your collection. You can get the Black Manta skin for 1500 v-bucks in the item shop right now, which is a fair amount.

1500 v-bucks is around $15, so you will have to spend a good bit of money if you would like to add the new crossover skin to your locker. That said, this isn’t too surprising. Past crossover skins have been around the same price.

But the one good thing about this rather expensive crossover skin is that you do get one extra goodie for spending this much money. Not only do you get the Fortnite Black Manta skin in this pack, but you will get the special back bling as well for the same price included.

This means that you will be able to go into battle and enjoy having the entire suit available to you in matches. But that said, there is one other piece of the Black Manta outfit that you don’t get in the main bundle. This one will require you to purchase it separately, for some odd reason.

In addition to the main Black Manta skin in the item shop right now, there is a separate Manta Blades pickaxe that you can pick up and start using in battle. Fortunately, this one is cheaper but not a whole lot cheaper than the main skin bundle.

The very epic Manta Blades pickaxe will set you back 800 v-bucks or around $8. You are looking at 2300 v-bucks or more than $20 if you would like to have everything all together. But there is something that you should keep in mind about this whole thing.

We have no idea how long the Black Manta skin and the rest of the goodies will be available in the item shop, so we recommend acting now if this interests you. This is a similar situation to how Deadpool’s pals got skins last season, but those didn’t stick around forever either.

Black Manta bundle could stick around for the rest of Season 3, but there is also a chance it will only be here for a week or two. It all comes down to the agreement with DC Comics, which is already different from Disney last season, who gave more than just one additional character.

Black Manta Skin Comes Out Just After Aquaman

The Fortnite Black Manta skin is available right now, just a day after the release of the Aquaman skin. Players have been waiting patiently for the release of the superhero skin. We have already covered how to unlock this skin, but it is different from his nemesis.

The Aquaman skin is much cheaper to unlock, as you only need the premium version of the battle pass for this season. What you need to do is complete all of the challenges released thus far for the superhero.

Once you have done that, you will be able to unlock the Aquaman skin. There is an additional mission after that for an alternate version of the outfit. You can get the Arthur Curry version where Aquaman is shirtless by completing another, a rather easy task in a match.

For now, the Aquaman skin will likely stick around for the remainder of the season. It doesn’t require players to worry too much about getting that one, but the Black Manta outfit could leave long before that. If you’re interested in either of these, be sure to add them to your collection soon.


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