Fortnite Beast Boy Skin and Teen Titans Cup Announced

by in Fortnite | May, 10th 2021

Epic Games has revealed the latest superhero crossover that is coming to Fortnite battle royale in Season 6. This time around, it is another DC Comics hero who will be joining the item shop. It is none other than Teen Titan himself: the Fortnite Beast Boy skin. 

Fortnite Beast Boy Crossover Announced

After the release of Raven in the Season 6 battle pass as one of the main skins and crossovers this season, Epic and DC are also bringing the Fortnite Beast Boy skin. This will allow the transforming, fellow Teen Titan, and sometimes love interest to join up with companion Raven online. 

The Fortnite Beast Boy arrival makes perfect sense given that we are in the middle of the wild and untamed Season 6, where it is all about the Primal nature. Who better to show that off and embody that than the superhero who turns into different animals as his power?

Players will roam around the island as Beast Boy when he comes out soon for the battle royale title. Epic is channeling the Season 4 energy here, like was done for the Marvel superhero tournament series, with the next stage of the Fortnite Cups. 

There will be a Fortnite Beast Boy this week that will introduce the character to the island for the first time. This is a great way for players to compete against others in their region and around the world and unlocking this skin early. 

There Are Two Ways to Get the Skin

There are two main ways that players will be able to get the latest DC Comics superhero crossover skin, and it just depends on whether or not you have the skill or money to make it happen. This Wednesday, May 12, we will see the beginning of the Teen Titans Cup in Fortnite. 

It will be a duos tournament like others before it and give players to show off their skills against the other two-player teams around their region. If you played any of the other crossover ones that were hosted earlier this year and last year as well, you are likely familiar with the setup. 

Epic Games hasn’t done much to make this one any different from the others we had in the past. The general idea is that the duos tournament will have you competing against the other player duo teams in your particular region that you are in. 

Starting on May 12, players will be able to enter the Fortnite Teen Titans Cup for a window of three hours that it will be open. During that time only, players will be able to earn points and move up through their region’s leaderboard in hopes of earning some prizes in the process. 

What You Need to Know About the Teen Titans Cup

Keep in mind, though, that there are two main requirements that you must meet before the beginning of the Teen Titans Cup. The first of these is that you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Epic Games account. If you don’t have that enabled, be sure to do so soon. 

It is a bit annoying to use at times, but it is there for a reason to keep your account, V-Bucks, and items safe from those who would want to compromise that security. Furthermore, it is a requirement for all of the online tournaments that Epic Games officially host. 

The other requirement is that players must have an account level of 30 or higher. That is not too hard to reach, even if you only play the game casually for a few hours a week, but you may have a hard time reaching that this week if you haven’t already in time for the upcoming Teen Titans Cup. 

As for when the time for the Teen Titans Cup starts in your respective region, what you want to do is head to the Compete tab when you are in the battle royale game. It will show you the tournament right now. That will also show you the actual window of time in your particular region and time zone. 

Once you show up and the Teen Titans Cup begins, you have the three-hour window to play up to 10 matches. If you have some full matches that go until the very end, that is just about enough time to do all 10 of them, so be sure not to waste any time queueing up with your duos partner. 

Those 10 matches will determine who you do in the tournament. You will earn points for the number of eliminations you get and your overall placement if you place high enough in each of the respective matches you do. 

Teen Titans Cup Rewards

For your participation in the Teen Titans Cup, you have some guaranteed items and others that you will possibly be able to earn. All players who participate in the event will get the Beast Boy and Raven spray just for competing, so that is a great offer on its own. 

But if you can score at least eight points during the event, you will also earn the BBRae loading screen. Furthermore, if you are one of the best in your region, you will even have the chance to win the Fortnite Beast Boy skin and Couch Titan back bling early. 

If you aren’t able to win the skin there, that is no problem as everyone will get access to it on Thursday, May 13, at 5 p.m. PT in the item shop. You will be able to buy the skin, the back bling, and a special BB’s Beast Bat pickaxe. Better yet, the skin itself will come with three different versions. 

One of them has the standard Teen Titans suit on him, while there is a more casual look for Garfield Logan, and there is also a Go Ape emote that you can use to transform into the Gorilla version. We aren’t certain how this form will work in battle just yet, so keep that in mind when using it. The Fortnite Beast Boy items and bundle will only be available for a limited time, so keep that in mind. 


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