Fortnite August Crew Pack Will Include Summer Skye Skin, More

by in Fortnite | Jul, 29th 2021

Epic Games has revealed the latest Fortnite Crew Pack that players will be able to get in the near future. As always, the monthly subscription is adding some new releases with the start of August and this upcoming month will have the Fortnite Summer Skye set as the featured bundle. 

Fortnite Summer Skye Set Will Be in August Crew

Starting in August very soon, players who are active subscribers to the Crew Pack subscription for the battle royale title will be able to pick up the Fortnite Summer Skye bundle. The popular character who is original to the Fortnite world will be returning to the game with a brand new skin version.

This version of the popular Skye character will have a new theme to her that is revolving around the summer season that we are in the middle of right now in North America and much of the rest of the world. This new summer outfit, though, does leave something to be desired in the theme department. 

Though the Fortnite Summer Skye is themed around the summer season, there is little to actually give this away when you look at it. The only giveaway is the fact that she is now wearing a crop top and some shorts, but none of the colors or styles are actually summer-themed. 

With that said, though, that might be a good feature for some players who do not like the typical summer styles. In fact, the Fortnite Summer Skye is a pretty solid one that features the character in much lighter gear that is fitting of this season, but still retaining her signature beanie on her head. 

Fortnite Summer Skye Skin Details

What is unique about this version of Skye is that her shirt also features what looks to be her fellow Fortnite character and battle pass skin, Meowscles. There is a cat face that is on the shirt that may or may not be him or one of his relatives. 

Better yet, the Fortnite Summer Skye skin will come with not just the white and blue-colored summer set, but another skin style that players will be able to use. I would argue that this one is even much better than the original with an orange and black outfit that is oddly Halloween-themed. 

Perhaps, Skye is getting ready for not just the summer season, but the upcoming fall as well. This skin style also comes with some glowing orange eyes for Skye that are rather creepy and cool at the same time. It does remove her signature beanie, but that is fine as it lets her slick black hair stand out. 

But the Crew subscribers will not only get the Fortnite Summer Skye skin with the special (and arguably better) orange and black skin style, but you will also get some other goodies, too. In addition to the featured skin, you will also get a few other Summer Skye items to add to the collection for subscribers. 

Other Items in the August Fortnite Crew Pack

This Fortnite Summer Skye bundle will also come with the Cursed Eagleshield back bling that she will be able to wear on her back in battle royale matches, if you so choose. This particular back bling is interesting since it reminds me a lot of The Legend of Zelda in a way. 

It is a sword and shield that look oddly like the Master Sword and signature Hylian shield that Link is able to find and use in most of the mainline Zelda games. This particular back bling is like that but the disturbing part is the shield has a strange and bizarre silver eagle on it that is quite unnerving to look at, at least in my opinion. 

Beyond the back bling, you will also be able to get the epic Sword of Might pickaxe that is the exact sword from the back bling item that you will be able to use as a pickaxe in matches. You will also get not just one but two weapon wraps to customize your items with. 

The first of these is the Pspspsps! (Yes, that is the correct name for it; I had to double-check a couple of times) weapon wrap that will feature Meowscles all over your weapons for fans of the character. The other weapon wrap is the Cattitude wrap that has the Shadow Meowscles on it. 

Last but not least, the final item in the Fortnite Summer Skye set that players will get is the Afternoon Quest loading screen as Skye sets off on her latest adventure in Fortnite. Oddly enough in this loading screen, you will see two different Skyes in the same picture as they relax before they set off. 

Other Fortnite Crew Subscription Details

Of course, there is so much more that Fortnite Crew players will get in August, but that is the gist of the new stuff. If you subscribe for $11.99 USD (or the equivalent currency in your region), you will get all of the Summer Skye items plus the usual 1,000 V-Bucks if you sign up during August or it renews then.

If you do not have the season 7 battle pass, you will get that for free, too, plus players who are able to sign up in time before the end of July, you can even get the Loki July pack if you missed out on that. Now is a great time to sign up for Crew before July ends if you want to get Loki’s set and the Summer Skye items. 

The Fortnite Summer Skye bundle and new Crew pack will launch officially just before the start of August on July 31 at around 5 pm PT, so you can sign up for the service right now and get in just in time to get both July and August’s items. Just keep in mind that you cannot use V-Bucks for this subscription service, but you can cancel at any time. 


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