Fortnite Aquaman Skin Finally Available: How to Unlock It

by in Fortnite | Jul, 17th 2020

It is that day finally in Fortnite Season 3 where you are able to don a brand new skin for free, with the stipulation, of course, that you did purchase the Season 3 battle pass. That is right, the Fortnite Aquaman skin is finally available in the game and you can get it right now. 

Fortnite Aquaman Skin Is Finally Available

After five weeks of waiting patiently for the Fortnite Aquaman skin to release, Epic Games has graced us with the presence of this underwater superhero from DC Comics. Aquaman is the character that you can unlock this season through doing a bunch of challenges each week. 

This is similar to what began last season in Season 2 with the release of the Deadpool skin for players to collect. This skin was available through a series of challenges that players could complete in order to unlock the look as well as a bunch of other cosmetic items. 

It is a similar situation for the Aquaman skin, but this time around, there are some key differences. For one, there is the fact that players don’t actually have to wait as long as we did for the Deadpool skin this time around. It only took five weeks for the Aquaman outfit to drop in the game. 

In addition, there are changes to how the requirements work for unlocking the Aquaman skin in battle royale. There are still some weekly challenges, but Epic learned from what it did before in Season 2 and made this one a lot more structured and organized than it was last season. 

Challenges for Unlocking the Skin

With the Fortnite Aquaman skin finally available in Week 5 of Season 3, you are able to get it right now if you are reading this. However, there are some things that you must do in order to unlock the skin and start looking like Aquaman in battle royale matches. 

Like with the Deadpool one, there are weekly unique challenges that have been dropping each week this season for Aquaman. They were themed challenges like finding a trident and catching fish, and they would give you themed rewards centered around the character in return for doing them. 

In total, there have been five challenges that you could do this season for five different rewards plus a sixth optional one that we will get to in a little bit. What is different about the Aquaman situation than it was with Deadpool is that there is only a single challenge each week to do, instead of the two we had before. 

But this also means that the challenges are only that much more important to getting the Aquaman skin. From what we understand about the missions this season, you have to complete all five of the missions in order to get the Aquaman skin in the game.

This is rather different than was the case with the Deadpool skin before where you only really had to do the final one in order to unlock the outfit. It is possible that you could do just the trident challenge from this week and unlock the skin, but we haven’t been able to confirm it ourselves. 

As such, we highly recommend that you do all of the Fortnite Aquaman weekly challenges in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on the new crossover skin. Plus, you will be able to get all of the amazing rewards that come along with this new crossover event, including a new pickaxe. 

Here is the full list of the five weekly challenges that you should do to unlock the Aquaman outfit:

  • Use the whirlpool at The Fortilla
  • Use a fishing pole to ride a loot shark at Sweaty Sands
  • Catch several different fish in a single match
  • Complete the time trial swimming challenge at Dirty Docks
  • Claim a trident at Coral Cove

How to Get the Arthur Curry Alternate Skin

You will need to do all of those above challenges to unlock the Fortnite Aquaman skin. Thankfully, they will stick around for the duration of Season 3 in the event that you haven’t done them all yet or won’t be able to do all of them right now. 

But the fun doesn’t actually stop there, as there is another Aquaman skin type that you are able to get this season. Like the Deadpool variants, there is a variant that is known as the Arthur Curry one. This alternative skin option for Aquaman can be unlocked by doing a final challenge. 

What you must do is equip the Aquaman skin that you have and get ready to jump into a match to complete the challenge. Here is the challenge that you must do to unlock the other skin type:

  • Dive over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while using the Aquaman skin

So, jump into any battle royale match of your preference (Team Rumble will always work well in this case) and then head to Gorgeous Gorge. If you aren’t familiar with this beautiful landmark location in Chapter 2, all you need to do is head along the water northwest of Lazy Lake. 

It will eventually take you to this waterfall and you need to jump off of it to the water down below while wearing the Aquaman outfit and you will unlock the Arthur Curry skin. That is all it takes for this new version of the outfit, as you just need to channel your inner superhero. 

For those who don’t know the, Arthur Curry version of this skin is basically just a shirtless version of the Aquaman outfit, which may be appealing to some players who like this one more than the normal one. 


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