Fortnite Annual Pass and New Skins Reportedly Leaked Ahead of The Game Awards

by in Fortnite | Dec, 12th 2019

Please Note: Epic Games has now released a statement on Fortnite annual pass leaks claiming that while an annual pass was considered for 2020 they have since decided against it. However, new skins still appear to be on the way.

Epic Games and Fortnite is known for leaking various new features ahead of time through the game’s files. Renowned data miners are great about digging through the in-game files and finding all sorts of information before the developer is ready to share them with the public, and that includes the information on the new Fortnite Annual Pass.

Well, the latest leaks are both timely and could mean some interesting twists for the future of battle royale. With The Game Awards 2019 set to start tonight, these leaks come at a very opportune moment in gaming. Data miners have uncovered what could very well be the announcements meant for that award show.

Fortnite Annual Pass Reportedly Leaks in the Game Files

Alongside the standard leak of new skins for the battle royale game, there is one particular feature that has leaked and it is the first we have heard of something like this. Epic Games is reportedly going to be releasing a Fortnite Annual Pass soon, in addition to the battle passes each season.

The Fortnite Annual Pass is a new type of battle pass but mainly a catch-all pass that is all about including every single battle pass that will release that year. According to data miners like Skin Tracker, the files mention a lot of intriguing details about this new pass system.

With it, players can purchase every single one of the battle passes that release in 2020 with this Fortnite Annual Pass. No matter how many passes and seasons are released that year, you can get every single one of them included in this annual pass system.

While this sounds like giving a convenient way to purchase all of the battle passes and not worry too much about it, there are some extra goodies for players who want to dig into this interesting new item for the battle royale game.

Along with each of the battle passes for the entire year, players can also receive some battle bundles along with the annualized pass. These battle bundles act as a boost for each battle pass that you have for that year. This is like the options already available for each season.

Every season, players have two options when buying the battle pass for that season. They can buy the normal pass for less than $10 or spend around $25 or so to get the battle pass plus a boost to their tier levels so that they start instantly at around tier 25 instead of tier one.

The Fortnite Annual Pass will not only grant players a chance to get all battle passes, but also a guaranteed to start at tier 25 for each of them. And even beyond that, there is one final goodie that comes with this new type of pass that might be tempting for some players.

The Annual Pass comes with seven exclusive skins included that you can’t get anywhere else. If you are a staunch collector of skins in battle royale, this could be the one thing to tempt you since you can only get these seven skins with the purchase of the Annual Pass.

It is uncertain at this time if the seven skins would release all at once with the Annual Pass or if they will be staggered throughout the year to keep players engaged. Regardless, this does seem like an exciting deal if you were already planning on buying them all anyways.

How Much the Annual Pass Could Cost

However, the sheer amount of content and the battle bundles included does mean like a pricey pass. According to some data miners, they see figures in the data files like 7800 V-Bucks, which is roughly around $78 or so.

That is quite a lot, considering normally purchasing every battle pass for a single year wouldn’t cost nearly that much. But this does include the boosts that get you to tier 25 fast plus the seven exclusive skins, so it does seem to be a bargain in that way at least.

Regardless, we expect to hear an official announcement about this soon. Epic Games has already teased an important announcement made at this year’s The Game Awards 2019 that happens tonight. This seems like the prime place to make this announcement.

Beyond the Fortnite Annual Pass, though, data miners found other leaked files since the latest update for the game dropped today. They discovered some holiday skins just before the release of update 11.30 that you can now play as since it is available now.

Players can choose between a reindeer, a polar bear and even a dark elf of sorts. In addition to those, a TIE Fighter from the Star Wars universe has also appeared in the game’s files. With the release of a new movie next year and the screening event in-game this Saturday, there could be a special collaboration event happening soon.

Players can watch an exclusive scene before the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker in the battle royale game itself at Risky Reels this weekend. This could be a tease for a special limited-time event mode, but we have to wait and see for now. That could even be the announcement Epic has to make at the awards show tonight.


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