Fortnite Anime Skins Rumored After Possible Shueisha Partnership

by in Fortnite | Jul, 6th 2021

Epic Games has released an incredible number of crossover skins in Fortnite to date in the roughly 17 seasons that the battle royale game has had. However, there is one realm that the game has not touched quite yet, and that is with the release of some Fortnite anime skins.

Fortnite Anime Skins Could Be Coming Soon

However, if there is a recent leak to be believed, there is a high chance that we could finally see some Fortnite anime skins very soon. The leak this time around comes from the Fortnite data miner known Twea, who posted about a leak on Twitter they found for the battle royale game. 

More of a rumor than a leak, though, Twea noted that a “trusted source” told them that Epic Games is getting ready to work with the Japanese company Shueisha to make some Fortnite anime skins future. This tweet then garnered a lot of attention in the Fortnite community for the statement. 

In the past, Twea has been notably correct about leaking information from the backend of Fortnite. However, this has to do with a rumor from a third-party supposedly connected to Epic Games, rather than something datamined from the game, which is a bit easier to believe. 

Since this is not related to the actual data mining of the battle royale game and a leak from that, we recommend anyone reading this take this rumor with a massive grain of salt. That said, though, the potential of a deal like this sounds great and could lead to some solid crossovers, if true. 

What Does This Rumored Deal Mean?

In terms of breaking down this possible Fortnite anime skins rumor, we first need to go over the company Shueisha. Most notably, Shueisha is a publishing company that is mostly known for its work on the manga side of the Japanese entertainment industry.

They are known for the Jump line of magazines, including the massively popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazines and more. In the same way, they also own Viz Media, a North American company that is best known for localizing and publishing manga volumes in English for readers here. 

Because Shueisha is a massive publisher for some of the largest works in the entire manga and anime industry, this means that they have or had the publishing rights to massive franchises like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, and more in its magazines. 

This gives them the power to make deals like this one with companies like Epic Games for some of the largest manga franchises in the history of the medium. If this Fortnite anime skins deal is true, this would give Epic Games the chance to make skins for some of the most popular anime characters of all time. 

Past Leaks Have Hinted at Fortnite Anime Skins

The question then remains if this deal is even true, or if it is not, whether or not we could see something like this happen in the future. As for whether the rumor is true is hard to prove, but the positive part of all of this is that Epic has leaked its work before. 

During the midst of the massive Apple vs. Epic Games case ongoing regarding Fortnite and the App Store, the two companies had to submit various documents as evidence. As part of this, Epic seemingly leaked skins and crossovers that they have at least worked on at some point in the past. 

That does not mean that they are still active and going to happen, but that it was at least attempted at some point. As part of this, some Fortnite anime skins were seemingly revealed. This includes crossover plans for the Naruto franchise, which makes a lot of sense. 

Naruto is one of the largest and most popular anime and manga series that has ever been released, and the sequel, Boruto, is still going strong right now. It makes sense for an initial anime crossover in Fortnite to pave the way for other possible crossovers in the future. 

What Fortnite Anime Skins We Could See in the Future

Other ones that would make a lot of sense are Goku, Vegeta, and the gang from Dragon Ball appearing in Fortnite, but this is something that would make more sense in the future when a new movie or Super series begins. There is also Black Clover that is immensely popular at this time. 

If Hunter x Hunter ever gets going again, this could be a shoo-in for some crossover skins. And then there are currently popular shows that either just finished or are still going, like Jujutsu Kaisen, which is likely to be the next massive shonen series, and Dr. Stone, which is perhaps my favorite anime. 

Overall, though, the one series that I think makes the most sense to have some Fortnite anime skins at this time is My Hero Academia. This show has a huge mainstream appeal, likely due to the superpowers trend, and surpassed 100 episodes in total with its ongoing fifth season. 

While Epic Games might do some Naruto skins, I think that it is more beneficial to dig into My Hero Academia, personally, for the first anime crossover. Give us some of the most popular characters, like Deku, All Might, Bakugo, and Todoroki, and that would be a great moment. 

Of course, suppose this Shueisha deal is true. In that case, it is likely a situation like the wonderful relationship that Epic has with Disney, where we will possibly see more franchise crossovers show up in the game every season or so with new characters joining the battle royale title. Hopefully, stay tuned for more details about the first-ever Fortnite anime skins soon. 


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