Fortnite on Android Now Uses the Epic Games Store

by in Fortnite | Jun, 3rd 2020

In a surprising set of events, players who like to enjoy the Fortnite Android version of the game might notice some major changes the next time that you boot up the battle royale game. That is because there is a major shift in the game launcher for Fortnite on the Android platform.

Fortnite on Android Now Uses Epic Games Store

Instead of the usual game launcher app for Fortnite, players will now use the Epic Games Store official app when playing the Fortnite Android version. Well, that is unless you are hopping into the Google Play version of the game that finally released recently for Android users.

But if you are someone who has been using the Fortnite Android version for a while now, you will know that before you could get it officially through the Google Play store, you had to download a third-party app that was separate from the store and allowed you to launch the popular battle royale game.

The original Fortnite launcher app on Android has now officially become the Epic Games Store for that platform, or the Epic Games App, as it is known for mobile devices at this time. So, if you see this major shift the next time you try to boot up Fortnite on your Android device, worry not.

This is a really good move on the part of Epic Games, as proven in a recent interview with GameSpot where the Fortnite developer’s CEO Tim Sweeney noted that the team was bringing the Epic Games Store to the Android platform for the first time.

Android Is First New Platform for the Store Outside of PC

This is a huge change for the Epic Games Store that has been, thus far, only available for those users on PC. It hasn’t been offered on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or iOS up until this point and are still on those platforms, despite being added to the Android ecosystem.

This is likely due to the open nature of PCs and the Android platform in general. Users on both can easily download the software they like with minimal interference when it comes to selecting third-party apps and stores.

This is seen especially on the Android platform where the Google Play store reigns supreme, but is far from the only app store that you can find on there. There are other companies like Amazon and Samsung that host their application stores for finding and downloading games and the like.

So, the announcement that the Epic Games Store is coming to Android isn’t too surprising in that regard, but what is surprising about it is that it is a PC-first store that is now on a mobile platform. This is something that is rather uncommon and, hopefully, points to more additions down the road.

This Could Change Gaming on Android

After all, the Epic Games Store is one of the few leading competitors to Steam, which is still regarded by many as the king of digital game stores on PC. Though Epic’s store is still relatively controversial in the community for its exclusivities and whatnot, it has been a resounding success lately.

For instance, it has been giving away free games quite often during the whole pandemic situation that the world is going through and some of these games have been genre-defining classics like the Borderlands Collection, Civilization 6, and even Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V broke the store entirely for a while, making it difficult for players to get in and download the free game as there were simply too many people trying to do it at the same time. With juggernaut games like that on the platform, could we start to see some of them come to Android?

While it might be unrealistic to think that Grand Theft Auto V might come to Android, despite older entries being there, it would make sense for the Epic Games Store to offer other games on the mobile platform. Perhaps, this could be the gateway to that happening.

Could We See New Games Come to Mobile Devices?

There are exclusive games on the platform like Hades that could certainly work well on mobile devices and other older console and PC games that would make sense, too, like Borderlands and so on. This would be a great move, but Sweeney didn’t elaborate on whether or not this is possible.

But what the company is planning on doing is expanding the same general philosophy that the Epic Games Store has on PC to mobile. Developers have the freedom to create and distribute the game they have on the store and this is likely going to be the same case on Android.

While we might not see the same AAA console and PC games, we could start to see smaller games or mobile-exclusive games pop up through the platform. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: players will still have Fortnite to play on Android through the Epic Games launcher.

And better yet, developers on the mobile version of the store will still have access to the same Unreal Engine and Epic Online services like cross-platform play and so on that are already available. This could lead to more games like Fortnite that are across numerous ecosystems.

Epic Games Store Is Also Coming to iOS

If you are an iOS user, you likely already know that Apple has Fortnite on the App Store, but you will find that Epic Games isn’t going to leave that side of things out in this case. Plans are already underway to bring the Epic Games Store to iOS devices as well, which is an awesome move.

That will likely pave the way for similar experiences for iPhone and iPad users, in addition to the fact that Fortnite is getting a massive upgrade next year when it will move to the recently announced Unreal Engine 5 platform. Stay tuned for news on Epic Games Store on iOS in the future.


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