Fortnite Alien Xenomorph Crossover Reportedly Leaks

by in Fortnite | Feb, 24th 2021

Another week of Fortnite and another rumor and/or leak that has popped up in the community. The battle royale game is currently still in the midst of the fifth season themed around bounty hunters. It looks like our latest hunter to join the game will possibly be the Fortnite Alien Xenomorph. 

Fortnite Alien Xenomorph Leak

If a recent leak is to be believed, it seems that a Fortnite Alien Xenomorph could be coming to the game very soon. This leak for the battle royale game comes from the always awesome and reliable leaker HYPEX who posted on Twitter about the recent appearance. 

It seems that the prominent Fortnite leaker uncovered the next bounty hunter who will reportedly join the battle royale game in Season 5. They aren’t too surprising at this point but are fairly substantial enough to be exciting for players nonetheless. 

According to HYPEX on Twitter, it seems that the latest portal for the next crossover hunter skin has appeared inside of the backend for the game. It seems that this next character to get a crossover outfit for Fortnite will be coming from a very popular and terrifying movie franchise. 

That movie franchise is none other than Alien; the seminal Fox film series has numerous entries and is still going strong after several decades. It is believed that this is going to be a Fortnite Alien Xenomorph crossover because of the portal that leaked. 

New Hunter Portal Has Some Serious Alien Vibes

The new portal has some Alien vibes. We can see that the leaked portal cinematic is taking us through what looks to be a very dim and mysterious sci-fi hallway that can’t be anything other than a futuristic spaceship that is ominous in appearance and tone. 

Of course, there are plenty of sci-fi movies, games, and TV shows out there that this portal could be a reference to. Still, there is a lot of evidence pointing towards this being for the Fortnite Alien Xenomorph crossover being heavily rumored right now in the community. 

Part of the evidence has to do with the sound effects of the portal video that HYPEX leaked for us. In the clip, you can hear some haunting sounds throughout the ship, from scary bestial growls and sinister other sounds that are somewhat reminiscent of the beloved Alien horror franchise.

It certainly gives us some horror vibes. There is no doubt that this is likely a hint towards an upcoming Fortnite Alien Xenomorph crossover for the battle royale game. There are other data miners out there in the community who have found similar evidence in the game’s back end, so it seems all but certain. 

We Already Have One Horror Film Icon in Fortnite

Though there are some minor other possibilities for this crossover, like the possibility of maybe a Dead Space crossover or something like that, it is unlikely that it is anything but a Fortnite Alien Xenomorph, finally. After all, players will likely remember the significant crossover that happened this season as part of the battle pass. 

One of the few crossovers this season that you didn’t have to pay extra money for beyond the normal paid battle pass for Season 5 was the Predator crossover. That famous series of movies had a Predator skin in Fortnite that was like the secret skin that we have had in the last couple of seasons of this chapter. 

Predator was surprising as it is a direct horror movie franchise that represents a game meant for all ages. But with the release of that skin, it is clear that nothing is impossible anymore and that even other horror icons could show up in the family-friendly battle royale game. 

It certainly seems like the stage is set for an actual Alien vs. Predator crossover event in Fortnite of sorts. We have one-half of the fabled horror sci-fi duo. There is now the rumor that we are getting the other half before the end of the current season. 

Alien vs. Predator Could Be Coming to Fortnite

That would certainly be a great way to end the season or have one of the final crossover skins before we hop on over to Season 6. After all, Alien and Predator are owned by Disney with the Fox acquisition, so it isn’t like anyone is standing in the way. 

It is very easy and likely that we could see a Fortnite Alien Xenomorph crossover, too, now that the Predator has established his place in the battle royale game’s universe. It would make sense, too, for the theme of the season that is revolving around the bounty hunters.

Thus far, various hunters from around the video game, movie, TV, and comics worlds have shown up in the game. People like Mando from The Mandalorian, Master Chief from Halo, and more have shown up. The Xenomorph makes sense since it is a hunter of its prey: humans. 

It is uncertain how you will get the rumored Fortnite Alien Xenomorph skin, but we imagine that it will be through the item shop like most of the crossover outfits. We doubt that it will be like the Predator skin to get it just by having the paid battle pass easily. Stay tuned for, hopefully, an official announcement soon. 


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