Fortnite Adds Video Chat In-Game Through Houseparty

by in Fortnite | Nov, 18th 2020

Epic Games has announced a new feature that is available to Fortnite battle royale. Players can now use a Fortnite video chat feature to not only play with their friends but see them as well. Players will be able to play alongside their friends and see them showing up in the game at the same time.

Fortnite Video Chat Is Now Available

This Fortnite video chat feature is available through the Houseparty app. Players may recognize that name as it was an app company that Epic Games, the developer behind the popular battle royale game, purchased last year and has already used to help fuel some of the social aspects of Fortnite.

The Houseparty app is social chatting app for people to use. It has already been a significant part of Fortnite up until now. Since last year, Houseparty has been the force behind the integrated voice chat system that players can use to communicate with each other inside the game, instead of pulling up Discord or another third-party app to do so.

It is also likely why the Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently available to have voice chat inside it. However, the system itself is more geared towards not having native voice chat but rather focusing on using the third-party Nintendo app.

Voice chat has always been an essential part of the Fortnite battle royale social experience. That will no longer be the only option for players to use when they are squading up and playing along with their friends. You will also be able to use the new Fortnite video chat system.

Video Chat Is Only on Certain Platforms

However, what you should keep in mind about this new system is that it is nothing like voice chat and how simple to use to invite someone to your party. The new video chat feature is a lot more complicated and has several extra steps to use it.

If you are interested in using the new Fortnite video chat to not only chat with your friends while you are playing the game but to see them as well, you are going to need to make sure that you, of course, have Fortnite downloaded but you will need the Houseparty app as well.

Before we go any further, one thing to keep in mind is that the new Fortnite video chat feature is only available on a few platforms at this time. You are currently only able to use it on PC and the PlayStation family of consoles, including the PS4 version and the newly released PS5 version.

If you are using any other platform, including Nintendo Switch, any Xbox console, or mobile, you will not be able to enjoy this new video chat feature for now. But if you are on the PS4, PS5, or PC versions of the game and would like to test out this feature, you will need to go through these steps.

How to Set Up Video Chat

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have an active Epic Games account for Fortnite and one for Houseparty as well. If you don’t have a Houseparty account, be sure to go ahead and make one so that you are ready to go on the app on your mobile device of choice.

Either an Android or iOS device will work for this so long as it can download the Houseparty app and has a camera that you can use for the video chat as it will use that camera as the one to share with your friends. Once you have both accounts available, you need to link them together in the Houseparty app.

Doing so will connect Fortnite and the app, allowing you to use the new video chat feature in battle royale matches online. While in the Houseparty app, you can begin a Fortnite video chat session by selecting the Fortnite mode to start.

This will connect the two and create a party that will show up on your TV or PC screen alongside the game itself. The video streaming of your friends’ faces will show up on the screen’s left side and not obstruct any gameplay action, so don’t worry about that.

How the Video Chat and Parties Work

Of course, it will make the actual real estate of the action on your screen slightly smaller than before since there will be a bar on the side that will show the other players you are video calling with and their names.

Using this new video chat method, you can create a Fortnite video party of up to 10 players in total but keep in mind that it will not show all 10 players in the party on your screen at once. At most, it will only show up to four players that you are in a party with.

But what happens is that, let’s say one of your friends goes AFK and is no longer at the screen. In that case, it will bring in the next most active person and show them instead. In this way, you could have 10 players in a party. It will just cycle through whoever is the most active at the time, talking and so on.

While in the video chat, it will only show your face and nothing else as there will be a colorful background behind your head to obscure surroundings and protect private information. It will also only show your face, so even if you leave the screen for a moment, it will only show the background.

You have to deal with the complicated set up of figuring out where and how to have your phone set up so you can play the game with full control and have your friends see you, so keep that in mind. Regardless, this new video chat system is interesting and further expands the social aspect of the game.


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