Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch Challenge Guide: Fortnite Rainbow Rentals & More

by in Fortnite | Jan, 16th 2020

Epic Games is changing things up this season as we are still in the overtime since the extension for Fortnite was announced back in December. With a few more weeks to go until the release of Season 2, there are a lot of Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges players must complete this week.

Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch Challenges List

As part of the overtime challenges, Epic Games is releasing a new batch of Fortnite challenges each week to keep players engaged and interested until the start of the next season. What’s unique about these challenges is that players can earn new skin options for previously existing outfits.

You can find the full list of the Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges that are available this week below:

  • Earn three bronze battle medals by getting eliminations in a match
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside of it in three different matches
  • Dance at Fortnite rainbow rentals, the beach bus, and at lake canoe
  • Swim at two different no swimming signs
  • Deal 75 damage with a harpoon gun to opponents
  • Gain health or shields in a bush
  • Search for the hidden gnome found in between Fancy View, a wooden shack, and a big house
  • Bounce on bouncy objects in three different matches
  • Visit a mountain base camp
  • Travel 100 meters while dancing at the same time

As you can see, 10 total Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges are available this week. This is mostly on par with the number of challenges in the previous overtime challenge batches and the original weekly challenges before the extension announcement.

There are a lot of great challenges with some sweet rewards, especially for those players who haven’t reached tier level 100 just yet. Let’s look at all 10 of them in our guide to find out how you can complete them.

Where to Find Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, Earn Medals, and Ring Doorbells

It starts with the first challenge of earning three bronze battle medals by getting eliminations in a match. First and foremost, this does mean that there are three matches you need to do at the very least. Medals are a new feature added in Chapter 2.

You get medals for doing various things like getting eliminations, surviving until you reach the top players, and so on. For the bronze medal, you only need an elimination per match that you are in. In this way, it is mainly a standard elimination challenge but named differently.

You need to aim to get an elimination in all three matches that you do. Your best bet if you aren’t the greatest at getting eliminations is to land early in front of a chest, grab a weapon quickly, and use it to take out those players who don’t have a weapon yet.

For the second challenge, a fan favorite is back. You need to ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside of it in different matches. For this, we recommend landing in more suburban towns at the start of the match when you know players will be inside them.

Places like Retail Row, Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park and the like are great for this challenge. Head to the front of the house and interact with the doorbell to the side of the door. The catch is doing this once in three different matches.

The third challenge on this list is one of the biggest tasks to complete this week. You need to dance at Fortnite rainbow rentals, the beach bus and lake canoe. You can visit these locations in different matches, and you must dance at each of them.

They are all three landmark locations that are smaller spots that don’t have names on the map like the named locations. Starting with Fortnite rainbow rentals, you can find this location in the southwestern portion of the island near Holly Hedges.

It is directly southwest of the named location on the beach located near there. There is a line of colorful beach houses here that are collectively known as the rainbow rentals. When you approach them, you need to do any dance emote to complete part one.

Moving on from Fortnite rainbow rentals, we have the beach bus. The landmark spot is near Steamy Stacks. It is directly west of that location at the tiny little beach near there. You will find a washed-up battle bus on this beach that you need to dance at.

Finally, for this dance challenge, you need to head to lake canoe. Lots of canoe boats fill the lake to the brim. The lake is just north of Retail Row. You can see the shape of the significant lake on the map. Head to the middle of it and dance there to complete this third challenge.

How to Swim, Deal Damage, and Find the Hidden Gnome

For the next challenge on the list, you need to swim at two different no swimming signs. This is another case of not having to do this in the same match. Find these signs and jump into the water in front of it to complete this challenge.

There are only around three no swimming signs on the island. In the southeastern corner of the map, there is a tiny little island area that you can visit. Right on the edge of the land where it meets the ocean, you will find the no swimming sign.

There is another one found northwest of Misty Meadows. It is on the western side of the large lake and found by the dam. The third no swimming sign we found is northwest of Lazy Lake along the long river that comes from the named location.

The next challenge requires the player to deal 75 damage with a harpoon gun to opponents. Before doing anything else, you must find a harpoon gun to use for the challenge. Your best bet is to look inside of chests so head to spots like Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods that aren’t super popular.

Then you are going to need to use the harpoon gun to launch at the opponent until you have 75 damage. You might not be able to get all the damage at once, which is fine, as you can continue this challenge in another match later on.

For the next challenge, you need to search for the hidden gnome in between Fancy View, a wooden shack, and a big house. This is the classic instance of going to the middle point between three locations, so you don’t have to visit the three spots at all.

But if you are wondering, you can find the Fancy View location west of Sweaty Sands on a cliff overlooking the water. The wooden shack is also located west of Sweaty Sands near the main road that leads out of it. Finally, the big house located northwest near Holly Hedges.

With this, you have a somewhat small area that you can find the middle point of. When you do, you will see a spot northwest of Holly Hedges and southwest of Sweaty Sands, around equal distance from both. It is the cliffside of the land, just west of a major bend in the main road.

Here, you will find a field of yellow flowers. In the middle of the field, you will find the hidden gnome when you approach it. Interact with the gnome to complete this challenge.

How to Bounce, Visit Camps, and Travel While Dancing

With this, we have reached the final set of the Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges. The next one requires you to bounce on bouncy objects in three different matches. To do this task, you need to figure out what these bouncy objects are.

These are objects that, when stepped on, will launch you into the air. There are a couple of bouncy objects that immediately come to mind like the stack of rubber tires and the beach umbrellas. Either one works for this challenge, the latter of which is easy to find.

All you need to do is head to a place like Sweaty Sands where there is a massive party beach with tons of beach umbrellas. Hop on top of one of these and launch into the sky. Do this in three separate matches, and you will be good to go.

The penultimate challenge requires us to visit a mountain base camp. It is the final “hard challenge” that players must deal with in this batch of new overtime challenges. To understand how to do this, we must first explain what the mountain base camps are.

They are, as the name states, base camps that you can find in the mountains. Head to the main mountains on the Chapter 2 map. Majority of them are in the southeastern corner of the island.

You want to look for the few remaining spots of white snow left from the recent Winterfest holiday event. Of those spots, three locations have a lot more snow than the other ones. These are the three biggest mountains on the island and the locations of the base camps.

There are only three mountain base camps that we have discovered thus far. The first is on the southernmost snowy mountain, slightly southeast of Misty Meadows. When you glide or move towards this area, you should see the significantly sized camp.

The second mountain base camp is located southeast of Lazy Lake on the northeastern edge of one of the most prominent mountains in the game currently. Just northeast of it is the other sizeable snowy mountain. You can find the third and final mountain base camp on the eastern edge of it.

Your best, though, is to visit the one found southeast of Misty Meadows as it is the easiest and simplest location to find in the game currently. You only need to visit one of these camps to complete this challenge and finish the whole set.

Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch Challenges Rewards

The latest batch of overtime challenges have the same rewards as all the previous ones, as well as the normal weekly challenges in Chapter 2, Season 1. As such, you might already know what to expect in terms of rewards.

All 10 of these normal challenges grants you 52,000 experience per challenge. Now, that is a lot of experience to gain from doing these tasks. It is great for players looking to get to tier 100 in this very long season’s battle pass.

If you don’t care about that, you might care about the other reward. Completing nine of the 10 Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges this week also grants you the special gold style for the grant you the special gold style for the 8-Ball skin.


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