Forsen’s Indefinite Twitch Suspension Is Over

by in Entertainment | Dec, 28th 2020

Forsen’s most recent suspension from the Twitch platform was an indefinite one. This is fairly common for repeat offenders on the platform. There’s a little controversy behind it though. Forsen was not aware of the content he was showing before he did, and as soon as he realized it, he removed the offending media. There’s a lot to unpack here, but Forsen’s indefinite suspension on Twitch is officially over. The Horse GIF, which we will certainly not be linking is what earned the suspension in the first place. In total, Forsen was suspended for a month, and his account was restored on December 26th (Boxing Day). 

However, Forsen, now that he’s back feels he’s not appreciated for what he and his community have contributed to the platform at large.

Unfair Punishments, Lots of Memes

One of the things discussed in the streaming community is that Pokimane showed content that did not belong on Twitch, thanks to a viewer submitting it. Pokimane saw no suspension, whereas Forsen was out of commission for a month. That is likely due to Forsen having multiple suspensions to his name, though we cannot rule out any form of bias. We wish we could, but Twitch is inconsistent in how they handle punishments just in general.

It’s pretty clear to us that Forsen did not intentionally drop the GIF that he did. If he had advanced knowledge, he likely would not have shown it to such a huge audience. Forsen’s aware of what sort of punishment could lead to. Twitch’s punishments, such as this indefinite ban of Forsen show what kind of inconsistency the streaming giant is working with. When other streamers see no punishment, but another does, well, that’s not a good look. 

A positive that will likely come from this though, is Forsen will probably see a pretty serious boost to his numbers. Any streamer that gets banned/suspended and comes back, especially if there’s drama behind it, tends to see a bit of a spike. It’s all how you use that to keep those viewers around. Forsen’s Twitch suspension definitely had some drama behind it. 

So how does Forsen feel about Twitch right now? He feels that he contributes to the culture of Twitch and is underappreciated for all he’s done. He may not be the biggest, but some globally accepted Twitch emotes come from Forsen’s stream. He had this to say:

“To sum it up, I feel a little underappreciated. You know, I might not have the most viewers, the most subscribers, or bring in the most ad money or whatever on this platform, but I do have like an aura effect, ok maybe aura isn’t the best word.

“What I’m trying to say is that 9/10 f****ng good memes/inside jokes come from this community and spread to other communities,” the streamer argued. “So, other communities have more fun, right? And then those viewers stay on Twitch longer.”

He listed a few of the memes/emotes that came from his stream. Pepelaugh, Omegalul, Pepega, and even ForsenE get used virtually everywhere. So Forsen’s stream might not be the biggest on the block, but we can see why he might feel underappreciated by the bigwigs at Twitch. Rants/discussions like this can definitely come across as jaded or bitter, but we’re not so sure it is in this case. 

No matter what you think about the emotes/memes that come from his community, they definitely have spread across the global Twitch platform. The Swedish streamer may have seen several punishments through the years, but this one did not feel warranted. At the very least, not such a severe length. That is a lot of potential financial hardship for someone who genuinely made a simple mistake. That having been said, he should be far more careful on what he posts in a stream, but so should everyone.

If he suffers suspension for something like this, other streamers ought to be punished too. If the rules don’t go for everyone, why have rules? 


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