Former Valorant Pro magnetbrain Takes Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

by in Valorant | Aug, 25th 2021

Rowan “magnetbrain” Crothers, a former Australian Valorant pro, just took the gold medal for swimming at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. He was on the team Pants Down, a ragtag group of OCE Valorant players that banded together and qualified for the LetsPlay.Live (LPL) Challengers tournament back in September of 2020. After that tournament, magnetbrain decided to take some time off from Valorant and train for the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics. And, he did all of this while dealing with cerebral palsy.

Valorant Pro Magnetbrain Brings Home the Gold

For those unaware, cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that develops as a result of brain damage, either from physical trauma in early life or developmental issues before birth. It causes everything from speech and learning impairment to crippling physical disabilities, and it’s an incurable disease. However, Crothers didn’t let this stop him from attaining his goals. From his identity as magnetbrain the Valorant pro to the Rowan Crothers that took Paralympic gold for Australia, he’s found success in both fields.

In an interview with 7Sport, Crothers shed some light on his journey to the top. When asked about how he got into swimming, he opened up about the hardships of fighting cerebral palsy and the strenuous process of learning to swim. Crothers said, “I started with swimming to help my cerebral palsy as that kind of therapy. Back then, like, I hated it and I couldn’t stand it. And, if it wasn’t for discovering the Paralympics, I never would have even come close to this.” 


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