Former Smash Pro Ally Makes Statement on Allegations After Two Years

by in Fighting Game News | Jul, 28th 2021

The story of Smash players Ally and CaptainZack is a sad one, and now Ally has made a statement. This is two years after the original allegations of a relationship between 27-year old Ally and the 17-year old CaptainZack. While this was technically legal in Ally’s home country of Canada, it did not stop the community from being disgusted by this relationship with a minor. As a result of this coming into the public eye, Ally retired from Smash, was banned from tournament play, but never did make a statement. A month later, CaptainZack would make his own statement, which would ostracize him from the community too. CaptainZack however, admitted to blackmailing, match-fixing, and overall irresponsible behavior. 

What has Ally said in his statement about his actions in the Smash community, years after the fact? He does claim to regret everything that went down, but also says he was a victim too. As of yesterday, July 27th, Ally showed up to make this statement. 

Ally Was The Victim, According to Smash Pro:

In his statement, which you can watch on Youtube, he opens up about his side of the story. He also opened up about his ex-girlfriend, saying she abused him for years, making him do things he didn’t want to and didn’t feel comfortable talking about it on Twitter. This makes sense, as male victims tend to be made fun of for not being “man” enough to deal with the problem:

She kept pressuring me until I would give in. I blocked her one day because I noticed she was not good for my mind and made me admit things I never did in order to use it against me.

He also spoke about CaptainZack and regrets the whole situation. This means, getting into a relationship with a 16-year old. According to Ally, he was abused in this relationship, and his panic led to just further problems down the line. He had this to say about how the two hooked up:

He approached me while I was in my worst mental state. I had no clue of his intentions until I was alone with him in his hotel room. He tried to kiss me and I panicked because all these years I was doing everything someone else was telling me to do. I told him not to tell anyone. I knew how depressive he was so I was afraid he would hurt himself.

Both people, CaptainZack and his ex ultimately took advantage of the kindness Ally offered, which culminated in CaptainZack blackmailing Ally to drop matches in Smash. Ally says he’ll probably never get to compete again, but he also says, “parts of me wants to never compete”.  The way Ally talks about CaptainZack’s relationship lines up with the statement made by CaptainZack in some ways, concerning the blackmailing. At Momocon, CaptainZack tried to get Ally to drop matches against Nairo, and Zackray at Prime Saga.

Ally also went to therapy, but they apparently found nothing wrong with him, other than making “stupid decisions” and his “mental state”. The relationship does not sound like a healthy one, and the allegations came at a time when quite a few Smash pros were being outed for sexual assault and worse. Several pros have apologized for their behaviors, and Ally is the latest one. 

About the relationship, he said:

My relationship with Zach was really wrong, and I regret everything. I wish I had been stronger that day but I couldn’t, and afterwards I felt like I was stuck in it. After realizing how bad and wrong it was, I was just ‘I’m probably going to get screwed at some point.’ I apologize for being weak.

It’s a really peculiar situation, for sure. Ally getting involved with a minor was not a good idea, but it sounds like it was all a setup by CaptainZack to abuse the “kindness” of Ally. That is, of course, Ally’s side of the story. Though CaptainZack admitted to the request for match-fixing, his side of the story is completely different. If this story develops, we will keep you up to date. Mental health is not a joke, and if Ally was taken advantage of, it’s a terrible thing to hear about.


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