Former PUBG Pro TaylorJay Found Dead by Police After Manhunt

by in PUBG | Aug, 27th 2021

Former PUBG Pro TaylorJay has reportedly shot himself as the police were seeking him after a five-hour manhunt. The Pennsylvania Police were seeking Taylor “TaylorJay” Johnson in response to a warrant for attempted homicide. An attempt was made to treat TaylorJay after the gunshot, but it was not enough, and he passed. He was reportedly fleeing the police for the outstanding warrant, but he was found and pursued. The attempted homicide happened in Raleigh, North Carolina but TaylorJay fled.

A Heated Chase Leads to Disaster:

According to PennLive, Taylor “TaylorJay” Johnson was wanted for attempted homicide in North Carolina, and he fled the state. It’s unclear if the woman he allegedly repeatedly shot survived. For most of the manhunt, TaylorJay was said to be on foot, as a deployed spike strip on Route 234 took out his vehicle. 

It’s been said that Johnson and the woman in her 20s may have been in a domestic dispute. It’s not clear why former PUBG player TaylorJay went to Pennsylvania to flee the police. During the manhunt, a State Trooper, Megan Ammerman sent a notice on Twitter to make sure people avoid Route 234 as it was shut down. She didn’t specify why, but the road was completely locked down.

The PUBG player TaylorJay was found by the authorities who then pulled his weapon and shot himself. It’s been said that TaylorJay had had no other contact with other officers, and there were no prior injuries. It’s a horrific situation, to hear of someone committing homicide and then going on the run. The result was the former PUBG player taking their own life. He competed from 2018 to 2020, competing for a variety of teams – eUnited, Exodus, and Pure Gaming. 

Taylor Johnson led the authorities on a dangerous five-hour manhunt in Pennsylvania, though there’s no word on what led them there. It’s being said that he assumed the woman he shot was dead, and that led to him going on the run. 


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