Former Loops Esports Players Banned From PUBG Mobile

by in PUBG Mobile | Jan, 12th 2021

It looks like the story is not yet over for the former Loops Esports players who were involved in a series of incidents recently in PUBG Mobile. Tencent has formally finished its investigation and announced a Loops Esports players ban that is effective immediately. 

Former Loops Esports Players Banned

We already covered the previous ruling from Tencent that involved disqualifying the team from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, but the punishments do not stop there as even more has been added on top of that, further dealing a blow to the players who were protesting. 

The Loops Esports players ban means that the three players involved in this incident will not be able to compete in any official PUBG Mobile competitions for a good while. This does not just affect the PMGC event that the three players were part of. 

Federal, Gxlden, and Caiowski are now temporarily banned from all PUBG Mobile tournaments for the next several months. This ensures that even if they can find a new team to play on, they will not enjoy the Tencent-hosted events for the foreseeable future.

The Loops Esports players ban will last until July 10, effectively banning the players for six months from right now until this summer. That means that any officially hosted events for the next six months will not see any of the three players participating in it, regardless of their overall skill and accomplishments recently. 

Ban Comes After Former Team Captain Removal

It is a bold and very harsh move from Tencent, likely due to this particular situation’s circumstances. For those who don’t know the full story, a former Loops Esports player Dadinho was removed from the team for currently unknown reasons last month. 

Dadinho was the team captain of the Loops Esports PUBG Mobile team and someone that the other three players involved in this ban played with. The removal had nothing to do with Tencent or any other PUBG Mobile company but their esports team organization. 

It is rumored that the CEO made Loops Esports’ decision, but that is all unconfirmed at this point, especially since we don’t have any official word on what exactly went on with that decision. But this pushed the other three players to protest this sudden removal. 

As such, the three players conspired to protest in a vocal and obvious manner where lots of people in the community would see it. They stopped fighting during the final portion of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship stage and went to the church on the Erangel map. 

Three Players Protested the Removal

There, they bowed down and stopped doing anything at all in protest of the removal of their team captain. We didn’t go over too much previously because the fourth player on the team did not participate in the events that conspired that day and kept playing as if nothing was going on.

But the other three players bowed in that church and waited until players from a fellow pro team in the PMGC showed up and took them out. The three players did not show any resistance when the Athena players appeared in the church and willingly gave themselves over to be eliminated from the match. 

It didn’t take long at all for Tencent to make a ruling about the protest, noting that it broke one of the rules for players not supposed to show “unsportsmanlike behavior” in the middle of competitions. Under these rules, some harsh punishments were swiftly carried out last month.

It is Tencent’s right to interpret the protest as unsportsmanlike behavior since it is not beneficial to the overall fairness and competition that is being held. Not to mention, it didn’t technically have to do with Tencent and the event from what we know, so that could very well be unsportsmanlike to bring it there.

Fourth Squad Member Should Not Be Affected By These Consequences

However, the consequences of their actions were pretty harsh. The three players were disqualified from the event. Any points, placements, and prizes that were previously earned up until the Loops Esports team’s point was subsequently taken away. 

They are unable to continue competing in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship as expected, but it didn’t stop there. Tencent made it clear that this was the base level decision and that the results could change upon further investigation into what happened with this protest.

Now, what we have to share today is the results of that investigation. The three players are banned for the next six months from any official PUBG Mobile events. It is uncertain if the fourth player on the team is affected by removing all prizes, but this should be overturned for him if that is the case. 

The fourth player on the team did not participate in the protest and kept playing the game peacefully. Understandably, the team was removed from the competition, but the player did earn his prizes and should get them. If Tencent is withholding those prizes from him, we believe that it should not be the case. 

Former Loops Esports Players Join a New Team

As for the other players involved in the situation, it looks like the story is not over for them. Influence Rage Esports has revealed that three of the players involved in this whole debacle join them after leaving the Loops Esports organization. 

The former team captain Dadinho, who was removed from the team, and the cause of this whole situation, and the two banned players, Federal and Caiowski are joining the Influence Rage team for PUBG Mobile. The former coach of the team, Cher, is also joining them on the new team. It is uncertain what is happening with Gxlden and the fourth Loops Esports squad member at this time. 


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