Former LEC Legend sOAZ Looking to Mount a Comeback in 2022

by in League of Legends | Oct, 25th 2021

Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, one of the most revered Western players in the history of competitive League, plans on mounting a comeback in 2022! Now, on the one hand, we’re elated beyond measure that this seasoned veteran will be returning to pro play. On the other, we’re definitely a bit weary seeing how these things rarely pan out. We have more than enough empirical evidence to back up such a claim, too, and it pains us to say it. Simply put: the world of competitive League (and almost every other esport as well) moves and develops at a staggeringly fast pace. If you don’t compete for a year or two, the likelihood of mounting a comeback is extremely slim. 

The game changes so often (every two weeks, in fact), and the influx of new players is at times so big that most seasoned veterans tend to fade into obscurity fairly quickly unless they can continually improve and deliver — something that only a select few manage to pull off. Well, at least that’s the way things are (and should be) in regions that have a healthy and well-functioning T2 scene.

Temper Your Expectations

With all of that said, one simply cannot help but get excited for sOAZ’s return. With 8 years of LCS/LEC experience and a whopping 6 Worlds appearances, he’s as seasoned a player as they come — and he has four LEC titles to show for it, too.

He will no doubt serve as a boon to any team he signs for, although it’s up for debate whether he’s still good enough to compete on the biggest of stages — especially in today’s meta. The last time he had played competitively was back in mid-2020 which, in all fairness, wasn’t all that long ago, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that his entire stint with Immortals left a sour taste in one’s mouth. He wasn’t the one to blame for IMT’s failure, but it was nonetheless a very underwhelming conclusion to his professional career — and a low point from which few players rarely bounce back from

In any case, we wish sOAZ nothing but the best in his future endeavors, and hope that he will, in fact, mount a comeback for the ages in 2022 and prove the doubters wrong!


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