Former LA Guerrillas Players Blazt and Decemate Are Looking for a Challengers Team

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 23rd 2020

The Call of Duty League is getting close to starting a new season for players and fans as we near the end of this year and start a new one (finally). As part of this, new teams are forming and changing, as is the case with Blazt and Decemate, who are looking for a Challengers team.

Blazt and Decemate Are Looking to Form a Challengers Team

You likely will recognize those names as they were some of the pro players who were part of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season this year. They were part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas ill-fated team and are looking to rise again in the upcoming 2021 season.

It looks like neither player was signed to one of the other Call of Duty League teams or renewed as part of the upcoming 2021 Guerrillas roster, so they are taking things into their own hands with a team of their own. They have formed a four-man squad that they are going to use next season.

They are but one half of the upcoming team. Blazt and Decemate are looking to compete in the Call of Duty League Challengers division rather than the actual proper pro league since they weren’t signed to any of the 12 main teams there.

Even still, that isn’t stopping them from forming their group as they are teaming up with fellow pro players Parasite and Neptune to compete in the upcoming 2021 season. But this will all be presumably happening in the Challengers division rather than the main one.

Four-Player Team Already Formed

Blazt announced the news on Twitter recently, noting that him, Neptune, Decemate, and Parasite are looking for an organization to represent the four of them in the 2021 season. If there is anyone interested, he also gave a link to his email address to reach out to him directly.

It looks like Blazt, Neptune, Decemate, and Parasite would like to form a Call of Duty League Challengers team and participate in the semi-pro/amateur division of the next season rather than be in the main league. This is a sharp change for both Blazt and Decemate but an understandable one.

But for them to compete next season in the Challengers division, they will need a company to sponsor them and host their team for the division. Given Blazt and Decemate’s recognition from this past season, there’s a good chance this will happen.

This will be alongside two newer faces to some in the community: Parasite and Neptune. The former is a pretty popular player that fans in the community will likely remember as one of the best players back in the day.

Who Are Parasite and Neptune?

Parasite has been around for a good while and was one of the 2013 champions for that season. He didn’t stop competing then as he later went on to be on the same team with Blazt and play with him last year during the Black Ops 4 season.

However, he was not part of the main Call of Duty League this year and was instead part of the Challengers division. He will likely continue to compete there if this team of four is formally created for the next season. And then there is Neptune, who is more of a surprising player.

Neptune isn’t known for his Call of Duty scene as much as he is known for being a former pro Halo player who transitioned during the Black Ops 4 season to Call of Duty instead. He is far from the first Halo player to switch to Call of Duty, so we will see how he does next season as it could be when he truly makes his mark.

Neptune and Parasite will be joining former Call of Duty League players Blazt and Decemate for a potential unnamed team soon. It will be good to see both Blazt and Decemate get back on their feet, given the circumstances that happened to them this year.

Blazt and Decemate Were Former Guerrillas Players

They were part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas team during the 2020 season and, unfortunately, did not do too well with that group. The five players who made up that team had substitutions and other changes throughout the season, trying to improve things, but it didn’t work out.

In all honesty, I would say at the end of the season. The Los Angeles Guerrillas were just barely the worst team in the league as they at least put up an excellent fight in the finals. Still, they were right at the very bottom alongside Seattle Surge and Minnesota Rokkr, in our opinion.

Given how the Los Angeles Guerrillas struggled last year as a team, it was no surprise that almost all of them were dropped for the upcoming season, even if the players on their own are very skilled. But this could be the chance for this new team of four to establish themselves if they have excellent teamwork.

There will be plenty of chances to prove themselves in the upcoming season. Hopefully, they’ll make a big enough splash to be signed to one of the 12 pro teams during the 2021 season or scouted for the season following that, as many of them are still in their prime years. But for now, we will have to wait and see as these four players don’t have an organization yet.


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