Former Fnatic Mid Laner Febiven Retires From Pro Play

by in League of Legends | Jul, 19th 2021

European mid lane legend Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten — of Fnatic fame — has decided to hang his mouse and keyboard and call it a career. This seasoned veteran has been through it all and has garnered worldwide attention for his immaculate play and ability to perform at the highest of levels.

A Legend In Every Sense of the Word

Febiven’s peak, unfortunately, didn’t last all that long. He faded rather quickly, and while his play continued to be rather stellar (if not exceptional, at times), it was still a far cry from his golden days. Frequent bouts with motivation left their mark, and Febiven never quite reclaimed his drive to compete — and even when he did he lacked the right teammates to truly make a run for the title.

Regardless, Febiven is still amongst the most revered and successful mid laners in Europe’s history — he’s LEC royalty. The highs he had had, the plays he had made — against the very best players in the world, no less — left no one indifferent.

We’re honored to have witnessed such an incredible player rise and make a name for himself and we hope he’ll find as much success and joy from his future endeavors as he did from being a pro player


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