FormaL Hints at Potential Halo Infinite Esports Career

by in General | Sep, 13th 2021

Is FormaL really coming to play Halo Infinite esports when it all kicks off? It sounds like it could be the real deal, as the CoD pro retired after the 2021 CDL season. A former CoD world champ and a former Halo pro in his own right, there’s a good chance we’ll see Matthew “FormaL” Piper in Halo Infinite’s upcoming esports scene. After all, they did spend 11 years playing Halo and CoD before stepping away. Could this new game be exactly what FormaL needs to return to competitive action? 

Teasing From FormaL Has Begun:

Now, FormaL hasn’t exactly stopped playing CoD. Warzone is one of his frequent games played on stream, alongside titles like Valorant. So he’s still very active in the FPS scene. FormaL has recently been teasing a return to action in esports, in the form of Halo Infinite. We’re not the only ones who would love to see it, his fans are very clearly looking forward to a return of FormaL. In a recent stream, his thoughts were simple and succinct:

I was kinda thinking of going pro in Halo again, what do you think about that? Halo Infinite, Heard a little birdie say there’s a f**king reason to go back. That’d be typical if I just go back and dominate?

There’s a good reason to come back for sure. Halo has nine partner teams, which are going to be the face of Halo esports going forward. Though they are partnered with Halo Infinite, it has been assured that no competitive advantage will be seen. The players will still have to do all the hard work. Many teams already seem to have rosters, but that doesn’t mean FormaL couldn’t find his way onto one. This might be a bait and switch though. Perhaps he’s just using it as a way to take a year off of CoD and come back next year. Who knows?

But FormaL did get his start in Halo before moving to CoD. Perhaps he’ll rejoin an OpTic roster and dominate with them? There’s no telling, but we’re very curious to see what’s planned. He’s not the first ex-pro to talk Halo Infinite though. Flamesword recently brought up the notion of Halo Infinite esports, so maybe FormaL won’t be far behind.


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