Fnatic Rumored to Be Signing Mid-Laner Nisqy From Cloud9

by in League of Legends | Nov, 16th 2020

According to multiple trusted sources, Fnatic has finalized a deal with Cloud9 to bring Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer over and make him their starter for the 2021 competitive season. If you’re scratching your head, know that you’re not in the minority. From the moment this peculiar bit of news hit the web, people started losing their minds and it’s easy to understand why — at least to a certain degree. As always, there’s quite a bit of chaos and skewed narratives flying around (not to mention a ton of revisionist history), which was to be expected given the high profile nature of such a roster shuffle.

With Cloud9 already publishing their statement online, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before we get official confirmation from the Fnatic camp.

Mixed Feelings From Fans

Right now, at the time of this writing, no one’s quite sure what to think or feel about Fnatic once again signing Nisqy to compete under their banner (he was their Academy mid laner back in 2017). On the one hand, he’s a very solid and proven talent — and an LCS champion, to boot. He’s been competing for years and has accomplished more than most of his peers ever will. On the other, it feels as though he’s just not the kind of player Fnatic need to dethrone G2 Esports and actually reclaim the LEC throne. He’s consistent, can play a solid enough range of champions, and is known for “unlocking” his junglers — something that Fnatic can seriously benefit from given the staggering talent of Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek. He’s not the kind of mid laner who’ll take center stage and hard carry, but that isn’t always such a bad thing. After all, Fnatic might not need a superstar in the mid lane as they already have a stacked line-up that can do the hard-carrying for him. 

Will this be enough? Only time will tell, but it’s hard to imagine Nisqy making that big of a difference against a behemoth like G2 Esports. 

Is This An Upgrade?

Generally speaking, Nisqy should definitely be considered as an upgrade over Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek, but barely so. We’ve seen Nemesis at his peak and we were not left indifferent. Heck, he outclassed Caps in the 2019 LEC Summer Split finals, which is not an easy thing to accomplish, as you can imagine. 

Unfortunately, he’s just not that consistent, and his iffy champion pool and tendency to misplay often hindered Fnatic’s odds of finding success. The fact that his flashes of brilliance came in hesitant (and infrequent) bursts didn’t help either. Regardless, he’s a very talented player who was tasked with the endlessly unforgiving job of replacing the best Western mid laner of all time. When we put things into perspective, it’s fair to say that he not only did admirably well, but perhaps even exceeded expectations. Had the narrative been a bit different, had the pressure been a bit less unrelenting, Nemesis would’ve probably done even better.  

Hopefully he’ll find a new team to call home come 2021 — he’s more than worthy of a starting spot. Maybe Misfits Gaming or Team Vitality? We’re bound to find out in the days and weeks ahead, so stay tuned!  


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