Fnatic Recruits British Rapper Not3s as an Influencer

by in Entertainment | Nov, 2nd 2020

We’ve seen quite a wide range of influencers and celebrities join esports orgs as players or influencers. However, London-based Fnatic looks to their homeland and found the perfect fit – British rapper Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike, who joined up as an influencer. He’s also the first UK musician to sign on with an esports org, so there’s another feather for Fnatic’s cap.

Truthfully, we haven’t discussed Fnatic much this year. They’re still around and putting in work, but we just haven’t seen a lot of them. 2020 may not have been their year, but there’s always 2021!

Addison Lee To Fnatic Influencer

Not3s first came to notoriety with his viral hit “Addison Lee”, which garnered 16 million views via GRM Daily. It was apparently big enough to have the taxi firm from which the song derives its name, to be invited to perform the track at their Christmas party at the KOKO venue (Camden Town, London). While he may not have worldwide fame and appeal yet, Not3s teaming up with Fnatic could definitely bring him that way.

What will Not3s be doing as a part of the influencer squad of Fnatic? From what we understand, he will be a member of the Fnatic U.K. Crew. This is a group of influencers focused on community-based games (Fortnite, Call of Duty), so we imagine he will be making appearances at conventions/esports events – when the world opens back up, anyway. We can also see him taking part in regular Fnatic live streams, bringing his unique vocal talents to the Fnatic fanbase.

All told, we’re glad to see this kind of partnership. Not3s still has a lot of room to grow as a rapper and influencer, and the two together could do a lot. Sure, Lebron James Jr. joined FaZe and Ben Simmons joined Team Liquid, but this is a name that could actually grow with Fnatic. That’s the most interesting thing about it to us; what can they do for each other?

We have high hopes for Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike, and that he’ll be a positive get for the British esports org, and that the two can come together to bring positivity to the esports scene as a whole. It’s something very much in demand right now.


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