Fnatic Cuts Twist and Xizt, Xantares Contract Mishap, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 8/22/2019

by in CS:GO | Aug, 22nd 2019

Welcome back everyone to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got a look at the newly announced roster changes for Fnatic, Xantares’ comments on BIG over his contract, Furia’s signing of an Academy team, and a possible reunion of the old Cloud9 roster.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Fnatic Roster Changes

With Fnatic unable to qualify for a Major for the first time, the long-standing CS:GO powerhouse is looking to shake things up with their squad, just months after saying they’d solidified their squad.

The biggest changes so far are the announcement that the team would be dropping both Twist and Xizt from the starting line-up, with the team stating in a Reddit AMA they’re looking for some younger talent to help carry the squad into the next era.

The team also clarified that Brollan, JW, and Krimz would be staying on with the squad, with JW or Krimz possibly filling in the in-game leader (IGL) role.

Brollan was called out as well as being the “star of tomorrow,” meaning the team will likely select their new players to complement or build off him.

Misunderstanding of Xantares Contract Situation

Speaking of rosters, a rumor went around like crazy yesterday suggesting that Xantares had been playing for BIG for two months without a contract, instead only having a trustworthy relationship with the team to go off.

The rumor sparked after a stream from Xantares in which, when asked about his situation with BIG, made a statement that was translated as:

““I don’t have a contract right now, but it doesn’t mean I’m leaving. We trust each other (with the management), we don’t have any problems. Want I want to stay in the team, I like my friends, everything is all right.”

Fans were quick to react with fury over the possibility of another player not being under contract for an org, though BIG’s manager quickly took to Twitter to assure fans that Xantares did indeed have a contract for the squad.

What he didn’t have was one for next year yet, since his contract doesn’t end till the end of the year, though the manager assured fans it would be fixed soon, insinuating that Xantares will continue with the team.

FURIA Academy

After signing a deal with Nike last month, FURIA has made another large expansion to their organization, announcing today that they have reformed their Academy squad.

The line-up features a plethora of young, upcoming talent, including a 16-year old, and could be the beginning of the next generation of Brazilian CS:GO stars.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this squad over the coming year to see how they develop under FURIA’s guidance.

The Band’s Getting Back Together: C9 Edition

While Brazil may be looking towards the next generation, North America is looking longingly at the past.

In a clip during one his Twitch streams this week, former Cloud9 player N0thing revealed that he and the rest of the old C9 line-up (Freakazoid, Shroud, Skadoodle, and Shawn) had a WhatsApp group going and, if their schedules lined-up, would be playing in an upcoming online tournament together.

While this likely won’t be till 2020, the news is likely to cause quite a stir amongst the CS:GO community, as the line-up was incredibly popular back in the day.

We’ll have more information on that as we hear more from the players.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back tomorrow with more CS:GO news, so stay tuned!


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