Fnatic Announces Cross-Promotion with Hello Kitty

by in General | Nov, 6th 2019

Hello Kitty has become a global phenomenon since its introduction in 1976, with the Japanese franchise bringing in over $80 billion in retail revenue. Hello Kitty has partnered with companies such as Airbus and PUMA to create majorly successful cross-promotion campaigns.

Now the cultural icon is getting involved with esports, as famed esports org Fnatic has announced a new merch collection in partnership with the brand.

Set to arrive on November 15th, the collection is likely to include clothing and peripherals featuring the iconic cat all over it dressed in Fnatic and gamer gear according to the teaser video on Twitter.

Analysis: A Smart Push into Asia

The move may seem like a weird partnership choice given Hello Kitty is associated with young kids and female anime fans but is quite ingenious on Fnatic’s part.

Those two are key demographics esport companies have been trying to tap into for a while now, and tying your brand to the ever-popular Hello Kitty is a sure-fire way to grow a following across both quickly.

Hello Kitty is also massive across the globe but is particularly significant in the Asian market which Fnatic has been trying to break into for a while now. It could significantly raise their profile in Japan and other countries in the region.

Hello Kitty merch is also collectible and highly desired, so even if the number of permanent fans they gain is low, you can bet the merch will sell out very shortly after launch as super-fans rapidly buy up the limited stock.

It’s a win-win either way for Fnatic, though it remains to be seen if they’re able to capitalize on their new demographics to monetize.

There’s also the meme potential of tying Fnatic to Hello Kitty, tapping into the traditional male demographic, and proving Fnatic with free publicity and viral marketing as they spread.

The partnership will see a launch event in Tokyo on the 15th, and those who pre-register for the drop on Fnatic’s website will get access to one of several exclusive wallpapers, so if you want all of them, be sure to grab your friends and get them to pre-register too.


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