Fnatic and ASOS Announce New Deal to Combine Worlds of Fashion and Gaming

by in General | Sep, 24th 2021

Fnatic, a London-based esports org announced a major partnership with ASOS, a leading global fashion retailer today. It’s a multi-million-pound deal to see gaming and fashion come together between the ASOS and Fnatic partnership. The two brands are coming together to help gamers express their style digitally and in real life and will of course, get the ASOS logo on Fnatic jerseys going forward. It is also, interestingly enough, the first time ASOS has partnered up with an esports brand period. 

Empowering Gamers to Find Their Unique Style:

We will surely see lots of collaborations between ASOS and Fnatic as a result of this partnership, that’s for sure. We’re curious to see another clash of fashion and gaming, as we’ve seen several across the esports world over the past couple of years. With the Fnatic League of Legends World Championship jersey coming next week, this is perfect timing, and the ASOS logo will also be featured on that one. 

Fnatic CEO, Sam Mathews, said: 

There are no other subcultures in the world that have influenced us more than gaming and fashion. Self-expression, both online and offline, has become a major point of convergence between both audiences. Through this partnership with ASOS, we will empower all gamers to find their unique voice and style, inside and outside of the game. We couldn’t be more excited to be driving this change forward together with ASOS.

In addition to this, Fnatic and ASOS are going to come together on digital content series with the Fnatic pros. Tekkz, Mushway, Loeya, and Moonryde are among the talents we can expect to see working with ASOS. There will also be cool VR experiences, and unique AR filters for fans of Fnatic to try. The two brands are committed to producing branded in-game experiences and digital products across this three-year deal, so that’s pretty exciting. 

Robert Birge, Chief Growth Officer, ASOS, said: 

Gaming and fashion are both passions for young adults and as esports continue to boom, we’re incredibly excited about this partnership. GenZ-ers increasingly express their style in both the physical and digital worlds and this is something we’re excited to fuel. We’re also looking forward to seeing some of the world’s greatest esports athletes wear our name on their Fnatic jerseys at the Worlds in Iceland.

Fnatic is a name known the world over for esports, and the ASOS partnership is very exciting. They have some truly stylish pieces of gear for men and women. We’re pretty excited to see more fashion sites and groups getting involved in esports. To be frank, not a lot of esports gear looks cool, so perhaps we’ll see a serious change in that as the next few years unfold.


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