FlyQuest PowerOfEvil Enters Free Agency, Could Sign With Another Team for 2021

by in League of Legends | Nov, 9th 2020

According to Jacob Wolf, mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage has opted not to re-sign with FlyQuest. This is both unexpected and mighty exciting because it could unravel in many different ways. More often than not, if a player decides to leave after such a successful year, it’s always for one of two reasons: either he’s well aware that his stock skyrocketed, or he already has an offer that’s too good to refuse from another team.

Either way, the outlook is quite bright for this talented German mid laner.

It’s worth noting that PowerOfEvil can return to FlyQuest if he doesn’t find a new team to call home, but the odds of that happening are very low. He’s one of the best mid laners in the West. After an incredibly dominant 2020 season, he’s quite a hot commodity. In a region that’s historically lacking in mid lane talent, he should have an abundance of offers.

Where could he go next? There’s still no official confirmation (or even a rumor), but Cloud9, Team SoloMid, or Fnatic seem like a good fit. They’re all in desperate need of an impactful, well-performing mid laner that has a deep champion pool and can also clutch things out when it matters most.

PowerOfEvil fits the bill and then some.

Where he’ll end up, however, is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, though: he should be able to sign for a top-tier team.

An Expected Resurgence

Watching his career has also been an absolute treat. He first broke onto the scene with the Unicorns of Love, but he didn’t make the world take notice up until his incredible run with Misfits — the same run that resulted in that mind-blowing five-game series against SKT T1.

What followed were two underwhelming years over in North America. His stints with OpTic Gaming and CLG were far from impressive, and even though he wasn’t to blame, his stock took a hit. Still, it always felt like PowerOfEvil knew he had to climb the ranks. The plan was to capitalize on a fantastic year with Misfits, move across the Atlantic, and start from the ground up. It took him a while, but his talent and effectiveness never diminished. Far from it, in fact. His play throughout 2020 was mesmerizing. He’s more than worthy of being considered as a Top 3 mid laner in North America.

The door is wide open for PowerOfEvil. After such a tremendous year, it’s fair to say that the world of competitive League eagerly awaits his next move.


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