Flusha and Golden to Fnatic, NEO out of FaZe, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 9/11/2019

by in CS:GO | Sep, 11th 2019

Welcome back everyone to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got a look at Fnatic’s most recent roster acquisition, Neo dropping from FaZe, cheaters appearing at the DreamHack Malmo qualifier, and more.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Fnatic’s Pick-Up and FaZe Drop-Off

Our first stop is over to Europe. Fnatic has been making some significant roster moves following their failure to make to the Berlin Major, their first-time missing one of the events.

According to a report by NeL, the team is looking to bring back Flusha and Golden after spending the year on Cloud9. While it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the Fnatic Flusha moniker displayed at tournament venues it’s a more than welcome change.

The move comes as a pleasant surprise considering the team had been trying to acquire one of GamerLegion’s players. Fans have seemed rather excited to see some of the older players return.

Over in Brazil, FaZe Clan announced Neo would no longer be a substitute for the roster and would be let go, with a tweet thanking him for his incredible service.

With Guardian playing with a mixed team in the DreamHack Malmo qualifiers and rumored to be heading to NaVi, it appears. FaZe is going on a roster revamp following their abysmal performance at Berlin.

Cheaters in Malmo

Speaking of Malmo qualifiers, things have been getting rather hectic over there as several known cheaters have been spotted playing in the tournament.

Since qualifiers for different events run through various systems, such as FaceIt, ESEA, and Valve’s qualifier program, cheaters have been able to bounce between events after getting banned from one of these systems by switch over to another.

For example, GamersLegion ran into a team early on in the Malmo qualifiers that had three players on the squad banned for cheating on Faceit.

Because Malmo qualifiers are on ESEA, however, the players are allowed to participate since they aren’t banned there.

The players didn’t make it very far at the least, however, as the team got dismantled by GL in their match.

Major Location Speculation

Last up today we’ve got rumors going around of the location of the next Major in 2020.

According to a recent report by Gamerbase, the first Major of the year will be in Sydney, Australia from May 11th through the 24th.

The report cites sources saying that ESL will be hosting the event, and will be known as the “IEM Sydney CS:GO Major Championship 2020.”

This would be an exciting development given Australia hasn’t hosted one before. In the past, Valve said they aren’t considering Sydney for Majors due to the time zone, so unless something changed, this seems far fetched.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back tomorrow with more CS:GO news as we hear more about Fnatic Flusha, NEO’s future, and more so stay tuned!


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