Florida Mutineers Sign Rookie Neptune as Substitute Player

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 11th 2021

All of the Call of Duty League teams are gearing up for the upcoming season, which still doesn’t have an official schedule yet, and are finalizing their rosters. While the starting teams have been decided, many are now choosing substitutes, like in the upcoming player Neptune. 

Florida Mutineers Sign Their Substitute Player

We already know the four players representing the 12 teams in the Call of Duty League, but some organizations haven’t revealed who the subs will be. They are an integral part of the team, especially when we see how they were utilized in the 2020 season. 

Florida Mutineers have just announced the substitute player signing to the team, joining the roster as the fifth player for the organization for the upcoming 2021 season. That player is none other than the rookie pro player Neptune who will join the Florida Mutineers as the latest addition.

The announcement was shared on the Mutineers’ official Twitter account, revealing that Neptune is their next player to sign and join the team. The name for this up and coming pro player fits a team that fears the deep. 

The Kraken-themed team will be better off with a god of the sea like Neptune on their side.t will be interesting to see if the rookie pro player will be able to get much time in the light during the upcoming season. Still, if 2021 is going to be anything like last year, that is likely the case. 

Neptune Will Make His League Debut

Travis “Neptune” McCloud is an 18-year old rookie who is making his debut in the big leagues with this move. Originally known as a pro Halo player, he moved to the Call of Duty scene with the Black Ops Cold War release. It is uncertain if this was a move he made personally or anything to do with this potential signing. 

Regardless, from the records that we can see of his past accomplishments, he has already participated in several Black Ops Cold War events and tournaments since its release in November of last year. Many of these events saw him land a solid placement at the end, typically in the top eight.

He could even secure the number one winning spot in the GameBattles four on four competition with his team in late November. But by far, the most high-profile events he competed in were the Challengers Cups 1 and 2 that happened in December. 

In the first one, he was able to get to fourth place and then in the 7th/8th spot for the second one. Those are pretty good results for someone who is, presumably, just getting started in the Call of Duty scene. This all bodes well. Florida Mutineers likely recognize this. 

Neptune Looks to Be a Very Skilled Player

For someone to go to a brand new competitive scene and immediately shoot through the ranks as one of the most noteworthy in the Challengers division, that is quite impressive. It could even indicate that, with training and experience, he could be a top player in the entire scene. 

He has already proven, too, that he can compete alongside the likes of the players from the Call of Duty League as he was able to play with several of them during these events. He has played with current and former Call of Duty League pro players like Blazt, Decemate, Spart, and even Drazah. 

Though he will not compete alongside any of those players in the upcoming season, he will compete against some of them and has already proven that he can stand toe-to-toe with the best around. All in all, this seems like a solid pick for the Florida Mutineers. 

If anything, the Florida Mutineers have only proven in the past how good they are at picking rookies to join their roster. During the 2020 season, they were consistently a top five team for much of the season but did falter quite a bit after the switch to online.

Rookies Helped to Define the 2020 Season

As such, the team quickly signed the rookie player Owakening who was able to join the team in the middle of the season and rise back up to be great again. Owakening was so impressive that we gave him a nod during our MVP awards last year for the season as one of the contenders.

To this point, he will be one of the three returning veteran players for the Mutineers who will be leading the charge for the starting roster in the upcoming season. Neptune will join the Florida Mutineers, adding to Owakening, Skyz, Havok, and Slacked’s current starting roster. 

Slacked was also a recent addition to the team, joining the roster after the sudden tragic passing of Fero last year. Slacked previously played for the Seattle Surge last year, where it didn’t do well at all. It remains to be seen how the player will adjust to playing for a much better team this time around.

But if all else fails, Florida Mutineers could pull a move like last year and bring Neptune or someone else into the starting lineup and potentially improve because of that. There weren’t too many rookie starting players last year, but those involved were some of the best players in the league. 

Players like Shotzzy, ILLeY, Drazah, Owakening, and others were some of the standout players on their respective teams. The first two were so good that they could help the Dallas Empire win and become the world champions. We wouldn’t be surprised if the rookie players are just as important this year, if not more so, with the switch to four-player squads. 


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