Florida Mutineers Acquire Owakening to Reportedly Replace Maux

by in Call of Duty | May, 22nd 2020

The Call of Duty League is getting more massive changes to the roster of one of its teams; this time being the popular and top team Florida Mutineers. The top five team has announced that it has signed a brand new player to its ranks in the form of Joseph “Owakening” Conley.

Florida Mutineers Signs Owakening

Owakening is a now-former amateur player who will be joining the Florida Mutineers as one of the players on its team. The announcement goes a bit further beyond that, as Twitter user CDL Intel has reportedly revealed that Owakening will now replace Mutineers’ Maux.

In this way, it will place the new player on the starting lineup of the Florida Mutineers as the former amateur player will now have the chance to prove himself as one of the main players in the Call of Duty League. This is a huge move on multiple levels, mainly because of the current state of things.

When it comes to Owakening himself, he most recently came from the Call of Duty League Challengers, which for those who don’t know, is the semi-pro and amateur league that acts as a counterpart to the main league. It is a sort of proving grounds for many of the players who compete there.

Though they can win prizes and some recognition in the Call of Duty League Challengers ring, one of the main purposes of this portion of the league is to scout out competition that could make their way to the big leagues and compete with the best Call of Duty players in the world.

What to Know About the New Pro Player

Owakening was one such player who competed in the Challengers and has now become one of the few to emerge from the semi-pro league to take the giant leap to the world stage. He previously played for WestR in the Challengers league and will now play for Florida Mutineers.

This is especially impressive since the Florida Mutineers are regarded as one of the best teams around, so it is a step up to go from not being one of the main pro players to now playing for one of the best pro teams there is right now in the Call of Duty League.

Well, at least Florida Mutineers remains one of the top teams in the league, despite some unfortunate results that happened recently. Though the team is still in top five, it is currently recovering from an intense and devastating loss at the most recent Call of Duty League event.

Two weeks ago, Florida Mutineers was selected as the team to be the host for the fifth Home Series Weekend event. There were only three major teams from the top five in the current Call of Duty League standings that were in attendance at the event, with the rest being middle to lower tier teams.

Florida Mutineers Needs Changes Like This

As such, it was one of the most anticipated events of the season since no one would know what exactly was going to happen at the event and it proved to be even more unexpected than we thought. Going into the event, we thought Atlanta FaZe would be the winner but that the hosts Florida Mutineers would be pretty high up there as well.

Oh boy, were we and just about everyone else in the community who predicted the event wrong. Atlanta FaZe certainly won the event but the hosts Florida Mutineers did awful. Not only did it and fellow top tier team Minnesota Rokkr not even make it to the finals, but Florida came in dead last at the event.

This was unprecedented for the top five team since it had previously done exceptionally well during all of the events it has been in. It has even been one of the few teams to take down giants like Chicago Huntsmen and was the first one to ever accomplish this impressive feat.

That said, you wouldn’t know that Florida Mutineers is so great based on their performance in their own hosted event two weeks ago. It was a very devastating loss there and one that we predict has pushed the team forward to make some necessary changes to its lineup and play style.

Florida’s Next Competition Is in Two Weeks

With the signing of this new player and reported replacement of starting player Maux, this is one of the first changes that we have heard that will, hopefully, make the difference that is needed right now for the team. It will certainly need it in the next event if it wants to make a recovery.

The next event that Florida Mutineers will participate in is, thankfully, not this weekend’s Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend, but they will participate in the next one after that two weeks from now. That event will be the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series Weekend and it looks to be crazy.

That event looks to be the most competitive event that we have had thus far in the first season of the Call of Duty League as the current top five best teams in the league will all be there, filling up the ranks with some of the most anticipated matches in the league.

There, Florida Mutineers will need to give its all if it wants to be able to compete alongside the other four best teams in the league right now. After the performance two weeks ago, Florida is in desperate need of some changes like this one to compete with very consistent teams like Atlanta FaZe.

This Is Only the Second Change for the Florida Mutineers

Thankfully, the new addition to the team has two weeks to go until then, so there is time to practice with the reported starting lineup and these changes to be ready. This is only the second major change like this that Florida Mutineers has made since the start of the first season in the league.

The first move was earlier in the season when Florida moved Prestinni from the starting lineup to the bench and replaced him with Fero who is still part of the starting roster. From there, Prestinni didn’t see any competition at all but that is all set to change this weekend.

Prestinni was just acquired earlier this week by Chicago Huntsmen where he will be able to play once again with his twin brother. We will likely see Prestinni take to the league matches once again in this weekend’s Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend.

The Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend will happen this weekend, starting later today, Friday, May 22 and will run through Sunday, May 24. There are eight teams there and the lineup is rather similar in talent to the Florida one a couple of weeks ago, so anything is possible there. Stay tuned soon for our full breakdown of what will happen this weekend.


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