Flashpoint Season 1 Preview, Team Overviews & Interesting Facts

by in CS:GO | Mar, 13th 2020

After months and months of drama, B Site Inc. and FACEIT are finally bringing forth the all-new CS:GO league with a fancy name – Flashpoint. This brand-new CS:GO competition aims to bring the competitive ecosystem of Valve’s greatest FPS game to an all-time high. And we’re not just talking about popularity-wise but production-wise too.

This was ensured by bringing only the hottest production talent in the niche, led by the man, the myth, the legend himself, Thorin. Yes, I know Thorin is a highly controversial figure in the CS:GO community, but his experience on and off the CS:GO pitch is undeniable.

Flashpoint Season 1 Preview | Interesting Facts

The most interesting fact about Flashpoint Season 1 is the constant drama between the folks over Flashpoint and their ESL Pro League competitors. The biggest issue has been the overlapping schedules, which meant teams had to choose which competition they were going to play in. The ESL vs. Flashpoint rivalry fumed because of this. Obviously, ESL is the biggest event organizers in the esports sphere. So, it comes as no surprise that all top-tier CS:GO teams opted for ESL Pro League. However, Flashpoint promises a lot of new stuff in the genre. The biggest change is the broadcasting and production quality, which should set a new standard within the niche.

Unfortunately, high aspirations weren’t enough for FACEIT’s new CS:GO endeavor to clinch top-tier teams. The first season is doomed with a tier-B team list, which ought to shake the viewership numbers no matter the production quality they bring forth.

Besides production quality, Flashpoint also has another as up its sleeves. Half of the massive $1 million in prize money goes straight to the winning team. That, combined with an interesting partnership system with the founding teams, makes Flashpoint a semi-franchised league, just like ESL’s Pro League. Yep, this is yet another reason why these two leagues are such big rivals at the moment.

Schedule and Format

As for the dates, Flashpoint starts today and will last until April 19. There are 12 competing teams, divided into three groups with four teams. The group stage will feature two phases with double-elimination brackets, based on a sophisticated points system. The group stage point distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place – 75 points
  • 2nd place – 50 points
  • 3rd place – 30 points
  • 4th place – 15 points

The playoffs feature a double-elimination bracket featuring eight best teams at the end of both group stag phases. Last but not least, all Flashpoint Season 1 matches are going to be the best of three contests, eliminating the upset potential of short bo1’s.

Flashpoint Season 1 Preview | Team Overviews

If everything you’ve read thus far about the inaugural Flashpoint season seems interesting, perhaps you’d like to find out more about some of the most prominent competing teams. After all, Flashpoint teams aren’t exactly household names like FaZe, Fnatic, and NaVi.

Still, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see bad CS:GO played out there. Nope! It’s quite the contrary. Some of these teams have high hopes of reaching the top ten in 2020. There’s plenty of up-and-coming talents aiming to hone their skills in the inaugural Flashpoint season… And who knows, perhaps some of these teams get their chance to shine in Rio and overthrow the household names.

With that said, let’s concentrate on the five most prominent teams that ought to contest for the Flashpoint Season 1 title.


It’s official! Dignitas, the legendary esports organization is finally back into the most important of all esports scenes. This time around, the rebranded Dignitas organization is featuring a mixed roster featuring some of CS: GO’s most experienced players. We’re talking f0rest, GeT-RiGhT, Xizt, and friberg.

Hallzerk was supposed to be the fifth man but failed to resolve visa issues before the start of the event. This paved the way for GuardiaN, ex NaVi and FaZe Clan AWPer, who’s getting his last chance to shine. 2019 was catastrophic for the Slovakian AWPer, and his newest spell at NaVi was a disaster.

The individual qualities of Dignitas should play a key role in their road to Flashpoint success. Even though they’re playing under a brand-new banner in the scene, GuardiaN and the Swedish boys are not to be taken for granted. Individually, they are the best team on this competition and dubbed as one of the main favorites coming into Flashpoint.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions, or should I say Tricked Esports, finished 2019 with some style with a semifinal finish on DreamHack Open Sevilla. They kickstarted 2020 with a proper bang, too, packing two additional semifinal finishes on notable events. Another DreamHack Open (this time in Sevilla), and ICE Challenge 2020, where they lost to Mousesports in a thrilling Bo3 contest that went to the third and final map.

Even though MAD Lions consistently lose to top-tier teams like Mousesports, North, and Renegades, they’re a proper force to be reckoned with in the world of DH Opens and tier-B events. While I’m not saying Flashpoint Season 1 is a tier-B event, I do believe MAD Lions will go far into the playoffs here.

However, MAD Lions will be coming into this event under new leadership. Just last week, the Spanish CS:GO organization announced they’d benched HUNDEN. Shortly after, MAD Lions announced the replacement, the former Copenhagen Flames player AcilioN, who they managed to hijack from C0ntact Gaming.

That said, we can’t tell with certainty just how well MAD Lions will perform with AcilioN as the new in-game leader. They’ll pose as a tough team to beat, no doubt about that. But if they kick things off on the wrong foot, they might even fail to reach the playoffs.

C0ntact Gaming

C0ntact Gaming is what’s left of the CR4ZY roster that played their best matches during the StarLadder Major. Nexa and hunter were CR4ZY’s star players but were poached away by G2. This prompted an immediate change in the form of SHiPZ and EMI who were quick to replace the departed duo. Shortly after the roster alteration, CR4ZY finally won a proper event, DreamHack Open Rotterdam.

Fast forward to mid-February, C0ntact Gaming acquired CR4ZY’s roster and is looking to cash in on the spot on Flashpoint and the upcoming Rio Major. The current C0ntact Gaming lineup is as chaotic as they come. One event, they’re blazing on all fronts, looking confident and ready to go toe to toe with the best of them. A week later, they’re stuck in their demise, losing against tier-B teams without making a proper effort.

If they can start their Flashpoint adventure on the right foot, C0ntact Gaming has the potential to reach the finals. If not… if they end up on the fourth spot after the first phase, I’m afraid it’s going to be game over for OttoNd and the boys.


Gen.G are finally active in the CS:GO scene. It took them quite a while, but they’re finally here… and judging by their performance in Anaheim, they’re ready to stir some dust! For those of you who don’t know, Gen.G took the DreamHack Open Anaheim trophy without dropping a single match on their road to success.

That was their first-ever LAN event. The dominant performance took the community by storm, with many expecting even greater things to come from this promising Gen.G roster.

Who’s playing for Gen.G, you might ask. Well, it’s the old Cloud9 core consisting of automatic, daps, and koosta, coupled with two impressively talented players, s0m and BnTeT. The latter two were the keys to Gen.G’s Anaheim success. They showed off impressive stats and gameplay from start to finish and look to a new set of excellent performances on Flashpoint.

FunPlus Phoenix

Lastly, let’s say a few words about FunPlus Phoenix, a well-known esports organization, primarily recognized for winning the last year’s League of Legends World Championship. FunPlus Phoenix is the last founding member of Flashpoint, looking to cash in on the lucrative league with a solid roster.

Yep, the rumors turned out to be true. FunPlus Phoenix acquired Heroic’s in-form roster and will be eyeing new Danish talent in the months to come unless they get a spectacular result on Flashpoint, that is.

At the moment, FPX is counting on es3tag, stavn, b0RUP, Snappi (as the IGL), and cadiaN. This roster had a great finish to 2019, winning DreamHack Open Atlanta, finishing second on DreamHack Open Rotterdam, and enjoying a splendid second-place finish on EPICENTER, the last big event of 2019.

While none of the players stand out as prominent fragging figures or individual skillers, they’re still getting awesome results. That’s because they play like a team, have great in-game communication, and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty if that’s what the current situation demands of them. That’s Heroic’s secret… That’s FPX’s secret!

Flashpoint Season 1 Preview | Schedule (CET)

And finally, here’s a closer look at the first round of Flashpoint matches:

Friday, March 13

  • MAD Lions vs. HAVU
  • Copenhagen Flames vs. C0ntact

Saturday, March 14

  • Gen.G vs. Envy
  • Chaos vs. MIBR

Sunday, March 15

  • Orgless vs. Dignitas
  • FunPlus Phoenix vs. Cloud9


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