Flashpoint Allegedly Forces Controversial NiP vs. Anonymo CSGO Replay

by in CS:GO | May, 17th 2021

An unfortunate situation has come from this weekend’s Flashpoint CSGO event between NiP and Anonymo. According to Anonymo, NiP pressured Flashpoint and e to get a rematch of their bout. The two teams played on May 14, and there was a timeout called when the two teams both had a win (1:1). There were reportedly technical problems for NiP and Anonymo alleges they offered to reschedule, but this was rejected. This led to Flashpoint allowing a replay for the NiP Anonymo match, despite the bout concluding, and the decision is recorded. Suffice it to say; the CSGO community isn’t pleased by this move on Flashpoint’s part.

Is the Decision Unfair?

Anonymo made the first statement about the NiP and Flashpoint situation, but the match will go down. The match was reportedly originally scheduled for Sunday, May 16, but that will be rescheduled. No date has been confirmed as of yet. Anonymo has been offered a chance to play the full BO3 or the Last Map; it’s up to them. It still doesn’t feel fair that this situation has come up in the first place.

There is supposed to be time for teams to look at the servers and try them to see if the lag will be an issue (or even exist). Flashpoint taking a win away from Anonymo because of this situation is the worst part. Several players in the CSGO community have spoken up about the Flashpoint decision for the NiP and Anonymo rematch. 

One, in particular, is Team Liquid’s Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski: “Actual craziness. Can’t believe they are trying to get that match replayed LMFAO. If NiP had a problem at the time, then DONT PLAY or find a solution at the time. You can’t take away someone’s win days later. F**k off with that sore loser s**t.”

That’s a pretty serious point of contention. The fact that the decision went down days later is really unfortunate. The problem is that the teams didn’t reject the reschedule; Flashpoint did. Flashpoint decided the two had to battle it out right then. The two teams could have refused to play to prevent a situation like this from coming up, perhaps. Some pros have come to call Flashpoint “Trashpoint,” and other teams are just mocking the situation. 100 Thieves’ nitr0 asked for a rematch for their chance at Iceland due to lag. 

There’s no word when this rematch will happen, and we aren’t surprised that Anonymo is disappointed or furious. They won the match, fair and square. Sure, it’s unfortunate that NiP had technical difficulties. The match was ordered to go on as scheduled. This is a pretty unfortunate precedent to set for the decision made by Flashpoint as it pertains to NiP and Anonymo. There were other ways to make this decision fairly, and none of them were chosen. 


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