First Steam Deck Benchmarks Leaked — And We Like What We’re Seeing

by in Technology | Sep, 30th 2021

Valve’s Steam Deck is arguably one of the most anticipated devices in recent history and, thanks to a couple of brand new leaks and benchmarks, we finally know how well it’ll perform! Its Zen 2-based APU with integrated RDNA 2 graphics isn’t all that promising on paper, but it’s actually more than capable enough for running the latest and greatest titles on respectable settings.

That is precisely what these latest benchmarks have proven and, needless to say, we’re elated beyond measure that the Steam Deck is going to deliver the kind of experience Valve had originally promised! By the looks of it, this novel RDNA 2-based iGPU is doing wonders and users can expect an up to 50% performance uplift when compared to Vega graphics which, quite frankly, is astounding.

This latest leak comes from a Chinese message board, and gives us a lot more information than anyone thought we’d have at this point in time; fortunately, it’s all good news! Valve’s Steam Deck isn’t going to replace your spec’d out gaming PC any time soon, but it’s definitely going to suffice for a bit of gaming on the go!

Steam Deck Benchmarks — A Sight to Behold

Only our games have been benchmarked so far, but it’s a fairly eclectic mix that covers multiple triple-A titles and even an esports one that was probably thrown in for good measure!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider — 36 FPS on average, a mix of High/Medium settings

DOOM Eternal — 60 FPS on average, Medium settings

DOTA 2 — 47 FPS on average with maxed out settings

Steam Deck 4.jpeg
The Steam Deck gets pretty good results for most games.

Cyberpunk 2077 — 20/30 FPS on average, a mix of High and Medium settings

All in all, these numbers are extremely promising, especially considering the fact that most of these games were benchmarked on High(ish) settings. Lowering that to Medium will no doubt result in an even better user experience. Moreover, driver support for RDNA 2 integrated graphics is still being worked on, so these numbers could increase quite a bit once AMD finalizes its drivers (something that’s still a few months away, at the earliest).

The mediocre FPS count on DOTA 2 is somewhat perplexing seeing how it’s the de facto least demanding game of the bunch, but we assume that number was recorded during team fights with a ton of VFX on screen.

Temperature-wise, the Steam Deck’s backside was around 109.4 ºF after a three-hour gaming session which is great news for those looking to harness its power for longer periods of time. The battery had depleted to 46% which is definitely respectable and in line with Valve’s initial claims.

In any case, these are all very promising results, and we can’t wait to get our hands on Valve’s Steam Deck ourselves and put it through its paces!


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