First Modern Warfare Season 6 Details Revealed: Farah and Nikolai Join the Roster

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 22nd 2020

Infinity Ward has released the very first bit of details for the upcoming sixth season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. This new season will include many additions and changes for battle royale, Modern Warfare multiplayer, and Modern Warfare Farah and Nikolai operators.

Modern Warfare Season 6 Trailer Drops

This was all revealed today in the first official trailer for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone Season 6. The trailer goes over both games briefly, showcasing the significant changes and additions in them. It all begins with a glimpse of the new Modern Warfare Farah and Nikolai operators.

Those two will be the main characters added to both games as playable operators in the new season. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of a particular setting available in the new season. That setting is none other than for Call of Duty Warzone.

In the trailer, the two operators are traveling in an underground sector of a subway line. It is a bit spooky with dim lights and red-lit corridors that they are traveling on as they fight off enemies. At the end of the trailer, they meet up with Captain Price, and we get a bit of a story.

Modern Warfare Farah and Nikolai operators will join the fight with Captain Price to hunt down and find Zakhaev, the main villain that the heroes have been trying to take down across the multiple seasons.

A Subway System Is Coming to Warzone’s Verdansk Map

Of course, this subway system could easily make you think that it is just some new multiplayer map, but it will be a new area added to Call of Duty Warzone. There will be an entire subway system added to the massive Verdansk map.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the loot train that has been a significant part of the battle royale map in this current Season 5. Will it replace the loot train on the map or be in addition to it? That is something that we will likely find out when the new season launches.

Of course, we could have both of the map systems since the subway will go underground. We know about the subway from the Verdansk map shown at the end of the trailer. It maps out the subway line around the area.

It seems that it will go around Verdansk in a massive circle of sorts that doesn’t quite go all the way to the outer reaches but covers a good portion of the entire area. There is a single subway line that you can see on the map and seven stops along the way you can get off.

How the Subway System Might Work

Players will likely ride the subway train along the path and walk around the underground sectors like Farah and Nikolai were doing in the trailer. It looks like the seven subway stops are at significant parts of the Verdansk map, so you have various options.

Players will potentially be able to ride the subway around, similar to the train, and more quickly get to other parts of the area where the new circle might be; their teammates are located, and so on. This will add a new element and dimension to a game that doesn’t have too much underground stuff at this time.

It confirms a previous leak during the Call of Duty League Championships between Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe. It appeared to show a subway section of the Verdansk battle royale map. We expect this to be an intense battleground in Season 6 with the dark and spooky nature of the subway.

Other than that, though, the only new information that the trailer reveals is the addition of two new operators. The two main operators in Season 6 will be Modern Warfare Farah and Nikolai. Both of these fan-favorite characters will make their debut in the new season.

Season 6 Operators Will Be Modern Warfare Farah and Nikolai

Both of them will receive three skins that you will either purchase or unlock for them while the characters will be bought or unlocked. It is uncertain how you will get Farah and Nikolai, but it is presumed that at least one, if not both, will be part of the Season 6 paid battle pass.

For Farah, she is a character that many players have been waiting patiently for since she was one of the three main heroes in 2019’s Modern Warfare soft reboot. She will join Captain Price and the rest of the main characters from the singleplayer campaign in the upcoming season.

Nikolai doesn’t appear in the latest Modern Warfare but is a legacy fan-favorite hero from past Modern Warfare games. He will make his debut as one of the playable operators for both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone battle royale in the next season, too.

With this trailer, we now know that the new season will drop for both games on Tuesday, Sept. 29. It will also potentially be the last full season before the launch of Black Ops Cold War, so we expect some exciting story beats to celebrate the first anniversary of Modern Warfare’s release soon.


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