First Look at Call of Duty’s Blackout

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 17th 2018

Call of Duty fans all over the world had their first experience this past week with the new battle royale game mode – Blackout. Call of Duty’s Blackout beta released to PlayStation 4 users on Monday, Sept. 10, but was made live on Xbox and PC over the weekend.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is scheduled to release worldwide on October 12.

Menu and Character Selection

Cod Blackout Character Selection

Call of Duty’s Blackout continues to follow the trend in battle royales with the solo, duos, and squad queuing lobbies. During the Beta, the maximum player count for a lobby was 88, but Treyarch has since raised the max number to 100.

Another feature the menu had was the character selection in Blackout. Players can choose their character to use from previous Black Ops games. Players can even select this year’s characters from the Multiplayer and Zombies game modes to use in the Blackout mode.

Gameplay in Call of Duty’s Blackout

Once you are ready to play, you’ll notice it is very similar to other battle royale games that you might’ve previously played. Players are flown in on a linear path and are required to jump before the helicopter reaches the end. Once you drop, you’ll free fall until you reach a certain point and then your wingsuit is deployed. Players can also use their wingsuit earlier to glide to a farther destination.

Finally, once you are onto the ground, the objective is to survive. The way to survive is to start looting buildings and other locations on the map to find weapons. There are 14 marked locations on the map, and some sites will look familiar as they are from previous Black Ops games.

CoD Blackout Molotov

Players will have the option to use land, sea, and air vehicles in Blackout. The vehicles that are accessible in Call of Duty’s Blackout is ATV, cargo truck, tactical raft, and light helicopter. Each of these can be very effective in making sure you’re not eliminated from the storm.

Perks and healing are what stood out to us the most while playing the Blackout game mode. Perks are attainable by looting them off the ground or in crates. They can give you that extra edge against your opponent to survive and win. The best thing about healing is that you can heal while on the move. That has yet to happen in any other battle royale game, and it’s a massive addition to the genre. Healing while on the move makes the game seem so much faster.

Zombies in Call of Duty’s Blackout

Yes, you read the subtitle correctly. There are zombies in Blackout, and they can hurt you. Zombies are found around the map at locations that may look familiar. These familiar locations are actually from previous Zombies maps in older Call of Duty: Black Ops games. For instance, if you land on Nuketown Island and cross the bridge, you will come across a diner. It is the same diner from the Black Ops II Zombies map ‘TranZit.’

There was also a hidden Easter egg during the Beta that featured a “Zombie Boss.” According to YouTube videos that captured the Easter Egg, players had to land at the graveyard to start the event. When the event starts, you’ll notice a red mystery box light instead of the normal mystery box light. The box ends up spawning the ‘Blightfather,’ which is the zombie boss from the new Zombies map called IX. Once the Blightfather is defeated, it’ll explode, and drop armor, weapons and other items for you to pick up. The box that you attempted to open to start the event will now also have items.

Lastly, the best thing about zombies being in Blackout is that the Ray Gun is also in Blackout. The Ray Gun can be acquired from a mystery box in a location that zombies spawn. The best spots to acquire one seem to be the Asylum and the graveyard.


The crew at is excited about the potential of Call of Duty’s Blackout in esports. It’ll be interesting how they integrate the Blackout game mode into their esports because currently, it is only a select few game modes from their classic playlist. However, with that said, battle royales have proven to be entertaining enough to hold their own in esports. So, we are hoping to see Call of Duty’s Blackout in the next Call of Duty World League Championships.


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