First Halo Infinite Beta Technical Preview Revealed for This Weekend

by in General | Jul, 28th 2021

343 Industries has revealed the first Halo Infinite beta test and it is coming much sooner than we anticipated. It was expected that the first multiplayer test for the upcoming FPS title would likely be coming in August, and while that is technically true, players will not have to wait until next month. 

First Halo Infinite Beta Revealed

The first Halo Infinite beta has been announced. It is coming later this week for select users only. The closed experience is being called a “technical preview” and will let a certain group of players enjoy the upcoming chance to be among the first in the world to see Halo Infinite in action. 

This is from players who already shared the long-awaited email from Microsoft that announces that they have been selected to be among the players who will get the chance to participate in the first Halo Infinite beta.

The email shared across social media and other sites shows that the player is congratulated for participating in the technical preview. It will happen this weekend and will include a chance to see what the maps and gameplay will be like in Infinite.

The initial email is only there to confirm that the player has been selected for the event and to let them know that more details are on the way soon, including how to download the early build of the game to see it in action and what the gameplay experience will entail. 

Further details about the first Halo Infinite beta build will be revealed to the selected players in a later email and message on Waypoint this week. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, I have not personally received one of these confirmation emails yet, but I am hoping that will change soon. 

What the Technical Preview Will Entail

The first Halo Infinite beta will take place from Thursday, July 29, through Sunday, August 1. That will include four days for selected players to get in there and see what the included gameplay is all about. That is plenty of time, too, to find out a lot about what Infinite will be like. 

Though the pre-release build is not yet ready and shared at the time of writing this, we should find out more about that soon as the beta will begin tomorrow. Little is known about what maps and game modes will be available in the beta, but we do have some minor details for now. 

At this time, we know that players will be able to see at least one map and game mode, of course, with the possibility of more than that. Perhaps the biggest detail is that this will not be a competitive, player-versus-player experience in the first technical preview. 

Hence why it is called a technical preview rather than an online multiplayer beta. The Infinite test build will only have a bots-focused multiplayer experience. You will potentially play with other real players online, but likely only on the same team, not against one another. 

This is a rather strange choice to make, for sure, as it means that you will not be able to test the new weapons, maps, and gameplay mechanics against other real people, only AI-controlled bots. It will also likely mean that the challenge of the experience will not necessarily be as engaging as it would be against real people. 

We should find out more about the first Infinite test build later today when we get the first look at the multiplayer live on the official Halo Twitch and YouTube channels. At 2 p.m. PT on Wednesday, July 28, 343 will be sharing the first live look at what players can expect in the technical preview. 

How to Get Into the First Halo Infinite Beta

That said, this decision to only have bots as the enemies in the first Halo Infinite beta is likely since it is a technical preview and, hopefully, the first of many tests to come. It is there to mainly break in the new tech and likely prepare for the larger betas to come. 

Since this is a closed beta and not everyone was let in, the player count may not be that high this time around, despite the more than 100,000 players who have signed up for a chance. With fewer players, it does make some sense to have the first smaller test be focused on bots. 

That said, there are still plenty of players who would want the chance to be among the first in the world to play Halo Infinite. That is an honor that few will have, so if you are still wondering how to get into the first Halo Infinite beta, we’ve got you covered. 

First and foremost, be sure to open up our comprehensive guide. It has all of the links to Waypoint and the Xbox Insider Program that you need to know about. However, the gist of it is that players need to sign up for the beta “flights” through Waypoint. 

There are many questions and criteria that you must fill in, depending on if you are an Xbox player or PC or both, and you will also have to be entered into the Xbox Insider Program. With a complete profile on Waypoint for the beta testing program, you will then have the chance to be selected in this first beta or future ones. Unfortunately, no open beta testing has been announced at this time, so you will need to sign up if you want the opportunity to get in. 


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