Original First Edition Pokémon Cards Collection Sells for More Than $100,000

By Cody Perez

August 13, 2019


first edition Pokémon cards

Over the weekend, someone made a whopping $100,000 on none other than a massive collection of insanely rare and valuable first edition Pokémon cards. We’ve seen rare cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game sell in the past for thousands of dollars, but this is the most we’ve seen period.

First Edition Pokémon Cards Details

In fact, TMZ, who reported on the initial auction for the card collection, noted that this is the cash that someone has ever spent on the trading card game at any one time since its inception two decades ago. There is a total of 103 cards in the original collection, each in the most pristine condition possible.

All 103 of the cards come from the original collection of cards that were released in the West. This base set includes many of the fan favorite Pokémon from the first generation of games including Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, and the rest of the gang.

All 103 of the cards are rated officially as Gem Mint 10, which is the best possible condition that a used card can be in. This means that none of the cards have scratches, tears, folds, or anything else. They are all nearly as perfect-looking as they were when they originally released 20 years ago.

The entire first edition Pokémon cards collection sold for a grand total of $107,010, or just over a thousand dollars for each of the 103 pristine cards. That breaks the record, presumably, for the most money that any single sale in the history of the Pokémon TCG has ever made.

This is no surprise since the original base set of cards released in the United States is highly sought-after as one of the most valuable card releases in the history of trading cards. Those cards are even more rare and expensive than any one collection of Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and so on.

Apparently, for some of the cards in this collection, it is presumed that there are likely less than 50 cards in the world that remain in the Gem Mint 10 condition. This makes this near-complete collection of cards even more important to collectors, so the price tag is no surprise.

The collection was sold this past weekend through Goldin Auctions, a well-known sports trading card site that is constantly holding auctions and sales for some of the rarest baseball and other sports cards. An auction was held for these first edition Pokémon cards and the price skyrocketed.

Contents of the Valuable and Rare Collection

As for the collection itself, beyond the fact that first edition holographic Charizard is in the set, we don’t know too much about the contents of the collection currently. However, we do know that holographic Alakazam, Blastoise, and Chansey cards are all in the collection as well.

With first edition base set holographic Charizard being one of the most coveted cards in the entire history of the Pokémon TCG, that card alone rakes in thousands upon thousands of dollars. With other cards in similar condition, it’s really no surprise at all that it sold for over $100,000.

This expensive collection of cards originally released in 1999 in the United States after releasing in Japan several years earlier. In Japan, the first set of cards came much earlier in 1996 around the time of the original generation of games releasing on the Game Boy.

It would take three years to negotiate and get the cards in North America and around the rest of the world. In a strange twist of events, Wizards of the Coast who created the Magic series was the company who worked with Nintendo to create this base set of cards, making it even more rare.

That’s because a few years after the release of the base set of cards, Nintendo and the newly formed The Pokémon Company released the next set of cards in 2003 in North America without the help of Wizards of the Coast. This rare base set of cards is like a little piece of history.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this unbelievable sale prompts other collectors around the world to start gathering together their cards and trying to sell them for enormous amounts of money like with this one. For more on the Pokémon TCG and other crazy card sales like this, be sure to keep it locked right here in the future.


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