First Apex Legends Season 9 Ranked Map Will Be World’s Edge

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 26th 2021

We are about a week away from the start of the ninth season in Apex Legends and all of the content that will come along with that. As such, Respawn Entertainment is doling out tons of info this week, including what the first Apex Legends Season 9 ranked map will be. 

First Apex Legends Season 9 Ranked Map Revealed

It has been officially unveiled that the first Apex Legends Season 9 ranked map will surprisingly be none other than World’s Edge. This ninth season will mark the long-awaited return of the second battle royale map for fans of this unique location. 

The return of this map is not too surprising on its own, as the current eighth season has been all about Olympus and the original Apex map, Kings Canyon. It only made sense that World’s Edge would make a return in the upcoming ninth season of content. 

However, what is surprising about this whole situation is that it will be the first Apex Legends Season 9 ranked map, rather than the second one. Typically, what Respawn has done is to focus on the ranked map that has received the most changes for that particular season. 

For instance, in the seventh season, that first ranked map was none other than Olympus, as the developer made sure that players were then forced to get to know that new map and get used to it while it was around. After the split ended, it was then switched over to World’s Edge for the rest of Season 7.

Past Seasons Have Focused on the Changed Map First

A similar situation happened during this current eighth season, with the bulk of the season being focused on the return of Kings Canyon. After the introduction of Olympus in Season 7, players had plenty of time to enjoy this map and get used to everything that it is about. 

Because of that, the focus could then shift in Season 8 to the return of the original Apex Legends map: Kings Canyon. This season included many changes for the map, including new areas and other huge changes, resulting in a much different map location than it was before. 

Having Kings Canyon be the first ranked map for the season meant that players had to get used to those changes and adjust to them accordingly. However, Respawn is taking a much different approach to the first Apex Legends Season 9 ranked map.

As you probably already know, there is a ranked split every season. This means that one half of the season will be dedicated to a particular map, while the second half will switch to another and have a soft reset for the ranked progress they have made this season. 

World’s Edge Will Be the First Ranked Map

In this case, the first Apex Legends Season 9 ranked map is not going to be the one that everyone would expect it to be, aka the map that is getting all of the changes this season. Instead, it will be World’s Edge and celebrate the return of that iconic map this season. 

World’s Edge has been gone for the entirety of Season 8, so fans of the second Apex map have been notably missing out on their favorite location. Fortunately, it is coming back and will be the first ranked map for the first half of the new Season 9. 

But why is this? Well, it seems that Respawn is wanting to do the ranked system differently this time around by making the first map be the one that is roughly the same as you last saw it. Since you already know this map well, you can adjust to getting used to the new legend and weapon. 

While you have the familiar map as the ranked one, you can get used to the major changes coming for the other map this season: Olympus. This is the first time we are getting some major map changes for the beloved and wonderful map, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. 

Respawn Is Giving Players Time to Get Used to the Olympus Changes

With these major changes, it seems that Respawn will keep it in the unranked part of the battle royale title for now to give players some time to get used to the new and changed areas there. Once the second half of the season comes, it will return to being the featured ranked map again.

This move is a really smart one for Respawn as the players deserve some time to get used to the Olympus changes before there is so much at stake, like in the ranked mode. But it does also mean that with the focus on Olympus and World’s Edge this time around, it seems that Kings Canyon will be going away once more. 

The first map for Apex Legends will take some time off this season and likely return in a grand way in Season 10, we imagine. It will be a few months until we see it again, so players should make sure to get in there and celebrate this map while they still can before the new season begins next week. 

Apex Legends Season 9 will kick off on Tuesday, May 4, and introduce some major Olympus map changes and the new legend, known as Valkyrie. This new character has ties to Titanfall 2 and will have some rather unique abilities. The ninth season also introduces a brand new weapon, and a rather standout one itself, in the game’s first bow weapon. 


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