Final Tally of Ludwig Subathon Money Shows Impressive Results

by in Entertainment | Apr, 20th 2021

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, better known by just his first name Ludwig, has finally concluded his subathon, and the number crunchers over on his subreddit have finished their estimates on exactly how much money Ludwig made from the event.

Ludwig Won’t Take Home the Entire Proceeds, but Still Made Out Like a Bandit

Stream viewers donated an impressive amount between subscriptions and bits on the Twitch platform, clocking in at USD 1,434,850.

While this amount is staggering Ludwig won’t get to keep the entire amount for himself. He paid out his chat moderators, which helped with the livestream, at a rate of $5,000 a day, per day that the event was going on. This means that he paid out $177,000 to his moderation team for the event and an additional $1400 to the folks who compiled the numbers for public consumption. For every subscriber in the event, Ludwig also pledged $1, meaning he will be giving $365,350 to charity. He also gifted $52,000 in subscribers to his chat during the stream. After Twitch’s cut, this means that he will be taking home only $209,021.37, at least according to the numbers crunched. It’s possible that Ludwig’s tax writeoffs on the event could drive that number slightly higher or lower, but it’s still an impressive payday for one of Twitch’s largest “Truman Show” style streams ever attempted.

According to the folks crunching his subathon numbers, Ludwig made the most money per hour while he was just chatting with his stream, clocking in at $2,284. He made the lowest amount per hour playing Trackmania, which clocked in around $580. Take a look at the table below, compiled by the fine folks over on Ludwig’s subreddit.

CategoriesAverage Earning Per HourTime
Among Us$1,7713.25
Arcade/board games$8961.67
Just Chatting$2,28495.17
Mario 64$1,0900.5
Mario Galaxy 1$1,7011.83
Mario Odyssey$1,7848.67
Mario Sunshine$1,2331.33
Monkey Ball$1,0260.08
Reddit Recap$1,6131.58
Rocket League$7470.92
Slime Takeover$97629.42

Will Another Large Streamer Ever Attempt This?

It appears that other large streamers are already circling the wagon as xQc has already begun discussing his own potential subathon plans. The Twitch community is not nearly as receptive to copycats as they are to the original article, so it will be interesting to see how well similar attempts fare. As demonstrated by the money made over the course of the subathon, Ludwig was extremely successful and even managed to dethrone Tyler “Ninja” Blevins as the most subscribed to Twitch streamer of all time thanks to this stunt – but the law of diminishing returns definitely applies. This was an extreme example of someone dedicating their whole life to their stream and community, something that many streamers already dedicate much of their time to. Still, none do it to quite this level, sacrificing their personal lives, time, and energy for an entire month.


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