Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.0 Shadowbringers Breakdown

by in General | Jun, 26th 2019

It’s finally time. The Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 Shadowbringers update is so close that we can almost taste it. Set to release in early access this Friday, June 28 with a full release next week on Tuesday, July 2, players will have the chance to explore the third expansion in the series.

The Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes detail tons of changes and additions that are coming with this upgrade to the latest patch version. As you would expect with the latest expansion in the series, this is a huge update that brings with it many new additions like new races, new areas, and a brand new main story.

While the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes below detail some of the changes that are coming, there are some features that won’t be available with this update. For one, the new raid Eden’s Gate won’t be available until the next patch for the game.

Also, the savage version of the raid and the treasure hunt instance the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah will be released after that. Finally, players won’t be able to enjoy the New Game Plus mode or the Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard for crafters until major patch 5.1 or later. In the meantime, though, we still have many other new content to keep us busy.

Playable Content Additions and Changes

As always, the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes include the new playable content that players will be able to enjoy, starting this Friday with the release of early access. We will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible but note that certain elements will be spoiled nonetheless so turn away if you want to know nothing about new areas and so on.

There are two new cities that will be added to the game that will act as hub areas for players to hang out, chat, and take on new quests. Those two cities are the previously revealed Crystarium that will be the main hub for the expansion and Eulmore.

FFXIV New Race Viera Shadowbringers

ore has been previously teased as a city in the game but this is the first real confirmation that Square Enix is considering it just as important as the Crystarium. This could mean that it’s a bit larger than other town areas from past expansions like Idyllshire and Rhalgr’s Reach.

In addition to the two new cities, there are six new open world field locations for players to explore in the next expansion, with five of them actually named within the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes. We won’t reveal them here to avoid spoilers but it is interesting that we still don’t know about the sixth yet.

Players will have tons of new quests to take on in the new areas introduced in this expansion. You will, of course, find the new main scenario quests that continue the main story of the MMORPG plus more side quests. 5.0 side story quests will adjust level based on your current level.

This means that you could take them on at level 70 if you’d like or 79. This is great since players can now save up on side quests for the rough parts in the story where you have to grind your level up or just save them for leveling up other classes.

Role quests are a new type of quest that somewhat takes the place of job quests, giving you a quest based on which role you are playing as: tank, healer, physical DPS, and magical DPS. Completing at least one of these role quests is required by the main story.

However, not all hope is lost, though, for job quests as each existing job (besides new ones Gunbreaker and Dancer) will get one new quest to complete at level 80. Similar to role quests, crafters and gatherers have their role quests of sorts that effectively replace their traditional story quests, too.

There are five “facets” that you will be divided into based on your crafting or gathering job: Facet of Forging, Crafting, Nourishing, Gathering, and Fishing. There are also Crystarium Deliveries, which are the new custom deliveries for players to take on. Players can also use these new quests to level up.

There are new FATEs as well for players to take on in the new areas. Completing them will grant bicolor gemstones that can be traded for new items. If you’re a housing fan like us, you’ll be happy to know that there are new furnishings, estate tags, fish, seeds, and the ability to preview housing items (including dye) before placing.

A few different changes have been made to the Manderville Gold Saucer including new items to get, new cards and opponents for Triple Triad, and changes for the Doman Mahjong minigame.

There are two new races for players to select in this expansion: the bunny girls Viera and the feline boys Hrothgar. You can select them as your new races when creating a new character, using a Fantasia on an existing character, and choosing your Retainer. Lastly, new emotes and new hairstyles have been added.

Battle System Changes

FFXIV Baby Gremlin Minion Pet

Next up in the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes are the battle system additions and changes. The level cap has been raised from level 70 to level 80 with this new expansion for all job classes except, presumably, Blue Mage.

There are two new job classes you can check out: the Gunbreaker tank and Dancer DPS jobs. They have no corresponding classes you have to worry about and they each start at level 60. Gunbreaker can be unlocked in New Gridania and Dancer is found in Limsa Lominsa. You must have a level 60 battle job to unlock these.

Substantial changes have been made to the combat system including the removal of TP, the max MP being set to 10,000 for all jobs, and so on. There are also new job actions for players to use for each class as well as the removal of some actions and tweaks to others.

Players can now see if a move can be interrupted and there are new charge actions. These actions have a charge time that allows it to be stacked up multiple times so that you can use the action whenever you want and multiple times in a row if you have enough charges.

Pets have been changed massively, removing their pet actions and placing them into the player actions as well as not being able to be targeted by enemy actions. Piety has been changed from affecting how much MP healers have to how fast their MP regenerates over time.

Party bonuses have changed so that for each of the five main roles represented in your party, you get a one percent increase to strength, vitality, dexterity, mind, and intelligence. If you have all five roles represented, you will have the maximum five percent buff.

Experience received bonuses have been adjusted. There are new dungeons being released in Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0, four of which have screenshots showing them off. The experience chain bonus has been removed from all dungeons and experience has been increased overall in exchange.

The Trust System has been added with the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes. This allows you to take on any of the Shadowbringers dungeons with NPC’s only. You are able to solely do it without other players, alleviating the need for waiting for the duty finder and so on.

You can now gain experience from level 70 dungeons and Stormblood raids. A few new trials have been added to the game with Echo being added to all previous trials. There is a new tomestone that players will receive called Tomestones of Goetia that replace Mendacity and Genesis.

A second new tomestone, Phantasmagoria, will be added four weeks after the official launch of the expansion. The Duty Finder has been adjusted accordingly. There are new enemies and marks for players to fight.

PvP Adjustments

Traits have been removed from PvP entirely. Actions for all classes in PvP have been adjusted, too. TP has been removed here, too, and how you recover stats have been adjusted. The range of melee attacks is now farther than before. The latest Feast season has ended.

New and Changed Items

New items and recipes have been added to the game. Accessories have been changed to adjust for changes to attributes. Crafters and gatherers now have a new level cap of 80. The elemental nature of certain recipes have been removed with actions removed in the process.

There are new crafting and gathering actions. The actual crafting window itself has been expanded to show more details for players. Traits have been added to the three gathering classes. Players can no longer obtain red or blue scrips as yellow ones will now be used for lower items. White scrips have been added for level 80 jobs.

There are some awesome new mounts, minions, chocobo barding, and old mounts that can now fly.

System Additions, Changes, and Fixes

There is a market board available in the Crystarium. As such, changes have been made to Retainers including the ability to assign them there and set them as Hrothgar or Viera. There are new titles and achievements for players and major additions and changes to parties, linkshells, and more.

Glamours have been expanded upon as well as some changes to the overall UI. You can now select between the dark and light themes for the UI. There is new music in the game and the title and logo have changed to now represent the latest expansion Shadowbringers.

For the rest of the absolutely massive Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes, be sure to check out the full list of the preliminary notes right here.


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