Final Fantasy X-3 Is Real, But Not Until After Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by in General | Jul, 16th 2021

The Final Fantasy series is a strange one, with each numbered entry taking place in a different, yet similar world. If a game in a specific world warrants a second story, that game will get a sequel, but  it’s not going to be named the way one would think. For Final Fantasy X, players were happy to get their hands on the sequel known as Final Fantasy X-2 to expand upon the first games lore.

With the popularity of Final Fantasy X and X-2, many fans are wondering if Final Fantasy X-3 is something that they should expect down the pipeline. The good news for those fans is that the game does have a plot for a third entry into the world of Final Fantasy X. However, the caveat is that the game is going to be a ways off, and players can thank Final Fantasy 7 Remake for that.

Nothing Until Final Fantasy 7 Finishes

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Game Director and writer for the Kingdom Hearts series Tetsuya Nomura mentioned that the possibility of a Final Fantasy X-3 is “Not Zero.” The Interview, which was translated on RPGSite is as follows. “If we are to make X-3, we somehow have a synopsis written by Nojima-san. It’s sleeping right now, but the plot itself does exist.”

The writer of Final Fantasy X and X-2, Kazushige Nojima, also had something to say about the sequel, “I had the opportunity to work with people who entered the game industry after playing FF7. But now that phase has moved and now I’m going with people who entered after playing FFX,”

The only thing standing in the way of a return to the world of Tidus and friends is Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is currently in development, as Square insisted that the game be split into two parts, releasing the first part in April of last year. With no more information about the second half of the game coming out anytime soon, players will have to wait until the release of Part 2 to find out what the future of the Final Fantasy series is.

However, it seems like the story already has a jumping-off point for a Final Fantasy X-3. This comes in the form of a 30 minute audio drama, which takes place after the events of Final Fantasy X-2, and contains some new information about the original characters, as well as introducing some new characters to the world of the game. It’s more than likely that players who want to catch up on the  story of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will have to listen to this audio drama or experience the visual part of the drama if X-3 is to ever come out.

The game may also forego the conventional turn-based combat of Final Fantasy X, as recent entries, starting with Final Fantasy 15 and continuing into Final Fantasy 7 Remake, have all been using real-time instead of turn-based combat. This more action-oriented type of gameplay might make its way into a possible X-3, and while some fans are on board with the Idea of more Final Fantasy games adopting this style, many older ones might not be on board with this change.

Regardless, X-3 believers can rest easy knowing that there’s a chance to return to this iteration of the Final Fantasy universe, even if it might be a while before players will be able to experience it.


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