Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Could Be Entirely Different From Its Original Counterpart

by in General | Jun, 30th 2021

It’s been over a year since the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, turning the PS1 turn-based RPG into a character action RPG title in the same vein as their most recent final fantasy title. However, while it seems like the days of turn-based RPGs are behind for the final fantasy franchise, it may turn out that the story of final fantasy itself will get a tune-up of its own, more vast than the first part of the remake. 

While the first part of the final fantasy remake is sitting in the rearview mirror of players online, the next game is still sitting beyond the horizon. There’s no clear indication when the next game is going to be arriving on consoles. However, some speculation about what players should expect for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will be like is up in the air. 

The Many Changes Likely Coming

For one, with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, It’s more than likely that players will see this version of the game appear on PS5 Exclusively, at least for the first year of the game’s release. As of now, some of PlayStation’s titles are certainly making their way to PC, with the addition of Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and reportedly Final Fantasy VII Remake, making their way onto the PC market for players to enjoy. However, the original game was on PS4/PS5 until six months after the release of Intergrade.

However, it seems like exclusivity to a single console won’t be the only change made to the fan-favorite RPG’s remake. As multiple stories, beats in the remake were changed for new players to experience the game and make the game fresh for returning players. However, it appears that Square Enix will continue this changing of the main story in the new version of the game. In an interview with the remake’s director, the next entry in the game could go in some “pretty creative directions, giving players something that could surprise die-hard original fans.”

This phrase alone, including the section of Honeybee Inn, with the famous portrayal of Cloud in a dress, was changed to fit “modern sensibilities.”

With this in mind, some interesting ideas could come from the possibility of changing major plot elements in the game. One such example could be the option to either prevent the death of Aerith or revive her in some way. However, this certain plot point is bringing the community into a divisive stalemate. Aerith’s death is needed to finish the story of the game. While many players mourned the death of this character with Cloud, it became an urban legend in the community of the game that somehow. Cloud would be able to save Aerith from her untimely demise. With the liberties being taken by Square Enix to change the original story of Final Fantasy VII, it’s not out of the question to let the urban legend come true in the remake of this title.

However, since it took five years to bring Final Fantasy 7 Remake to fruition, Part 2 is more than likely farther from release than some players think. While this could very well be the case, it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll be seeing in the next chapter of Cloud’s journey, as it’s being retold for the newest generation of fans. 


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