Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier Battle Royale Game Announced

by in General | Feb, 26th 2021

There is a lot of love happening for the Final Fantasy 7 universe. It is continuing to release a new game in the series: Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. This new spin-off title is unlike any that we have seen in the Final Fantasy series to date, as it tackles a new genre for it.

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier Announced

That genre is none other than battle royale, as it seems that Final Fantasy will finally be taking the plunge into one of the hottest genres in video games today. Battle royale games are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to mobile, so this Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier announcement is great.

In all honesty, though I love Final Fantasy and 7 in particular, it is not one of the franchises I mentioned when I made my list of game series that I would love to see a battle royale spin-off game come out of. That said, it looks interesting enough to be exciting and get me hyped. 

Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier is a spin-off title set in the same world as the original title from the PlayStation 1 days and now the Remake days on PS4 and PS5. It is set long before the events of the original Final Fantasy 7, with the trailer revealing that it is about 30 years before the start of that game.

That is three decades before the events of Cloud Strife, Tifa, Aerith, and the gang of Avalanche as they try to stop their world from being destroyed. It is a much different time in the world and seems to be centering around the organization that is known as Shinra. 

General Premise of The First Soldier

But in this different time for Shinra, they are not necessarily the villainous organization they are known as in the main games but something else different. Or, at least, they are evil in a different way. A new program has begun for the organization, known as Soldier. 

You likely know the Soldier program well if you played the original Final Fantasy 7 game or its remake. This program is very intricately woven into the story of the Soldier Cloud and his tale. Well, in this game, players will essentially be able to see the origins of this. 

The Soldier program is just getting started. You are playing as a seemingly customizable character who wants to be the, well, First Soldier. As one of the possible candidates who may join the program, it is up to you to prove your skills and earn the right to be one of the first Soldiers.

As one of the candidates, you will need to use all of your abilities to prove yourself in Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. It seems that candidates are taken to a battle royale-like arena where they must test their strengths against the other candidates in online battle royale matches. 

General Gameplay Has Some PUBG Vibes

Whether or not you are killing your opponents is a separate subject, but it seems that this is a test to see if you are worthy of having the Soldier name in the battle royale game. Through this, players in Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier will utilize various interesting tactics and abilities.

For one, the basic gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier takes place from a third-person view that is similar to that of other third-person Final Fantasy games. But the actual combat is very similar to PUBG and feels like a third-person shooter in a way that Final Fantasy has rarely ever touched before. 

It gives off some PUBG and Fortnite vibes, from using an assault rifle in third-person to zooming in with your scope to snipe someone and so on. In this way, it has a very traditional battle royale feel to it but with the highly stylized modern mechanical world of Final Fantasy 7. 

But what makes Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier stand apart from the other games like PUBG and Fortnite on mobile are the abilities you have. There is magic in this game. You can see different abilities that the player is using in the middle of matches. 

There Is Magic and Familiar Locales in The First Soldier

You can throw at enemies a glowing orb to likely deal damage or maybe some status effects, a huge blue glowing shield that you can pull up for cover, and other magic spells. There are even some other Final Fantasy-like combat styles that you can seemingly use. 

At one point in the trailer, it can be seen that the player is using a Yuffie-style ninja attack to take out another player. Though this might not be the most useful in a ranged game like this one, it does seem like there are at least plenty of options for players to use in combat. 

Then there are the arenas themselves. We see glimpses of familiar locations from the Final Fantasy 7 world, like the outskirts of the city of Midgar, near the church in the slums, and possibly even Wutai. There will likely be different iconic maps for players to check out and fight across. 

We imagine that there will be a heavy customizable system where players might even have classes or just different ability sets that they equip for their character, potentially in the form of a materia system or something like that. But for now, we will have to wait and see.

At this time, Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier is scheduled only for iOS and Android, though it would be great to see this come to consoles or Nintendo Switch, specifically. It is releasing sometime this year, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to check it out and see how it stacks up against other battle royale titles. 


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