Final Fantasy 14 Is So Popular It’s “Sold Out” Even Online

by in General | Jul, 12th 2021

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 has been experiencing quite the heyday as of late, building from on one of the worst launches in gaming history to become one of the most widely beloved MMOs currently on the market. More evidence of this, as if it’s needed, came late last night when it became noticed that people could no longer purchase keys for the game through Square’s Mogstation system, nor could any new characters be created.

What’s Caused a Digital Game Like FFXIV to Be “Sold Out”?

It’s unclear exactly what happened at Square for Final Fantasy 14 to be “sold out,” but it’s clear that the game’s popularity is skyrocketing as of late. Streamers like Asmongold have been picking up the game and have been exposing their audience to the game for (likely) the first time since they’ve been playing World of Warcraft almost exclusively during their time on Twitch. All of this comes hot on the heels of the FF14 Fanfest, the debut of the Endwalker trailer, as well as the debut of the Endwalker prelude patch.

Square Enix also recently announced that the game has over 22 million registered users, quite the milestone in players. This surpasses the reported player numbers for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, which, even in its heyday, only had about 12 million active subscribers, according to estimates and Blizzard’s own announced numbers.

Instead of the usual “add to cart” button on the website, you can currently add yourself to a waiting list to get into FF14. At least as far as this writer can recall, this is the first time something like this has happened for a live service game – betas notwithstanding.

It seems odd for a digital system that theoretically is infinite to be sold out, but it’s possible that something in Square’s Final Fantasy 14 architecture for the game can only handle a certain amount of new characters being made. Other theorists have posited that Square has run out of digital codes for the game in its 20 character generator, meaning they’ve had to create new ones, and that’s the reason for the shortage.

With all of these streamers and attention being directed towards Final Fantasy 14, it seems like the sky’s the limit for Square Enix, as they look to become one of the most played games in the world, let alone just MMOs. And Blizzard, who makes World of Warcraft and has been the king of MMOs for probably entirely too long, is likely making note of exactly what makes FF14 so great – a subject we’ll likely be exploring more as time marches on.


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