Final Call of Duty League Season 1 Standings and Playoffs Bracket Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 27th 2020

The normal season of Call of Duty League has come to an end and the first season was extraordinary. Twelve teams came in all on the same page. Now, they have left the normal season with their placements permanently in place in the final Call of Duty League standings.

Call of Duty League Normal Season Is Now Over

The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League came to an end very recently. It was just this past weekend with the Toronto Ultra Home Series Weekend tournament. After more than 10 events in total across the entirety of the first season, these 12 teams competed.

Most of the events would only have around eight of the 12 teams competing in each of them while others had a break, except the opening launch weekend in January. The season has seen some ups and downs, unexpected changes, and unfortunate decisions.

The first of the Call of Duty League wasn’t easy to happen. Activision, tournament organizers, and the players themselves have had to navigate, not just figuring out how the season will work in practice but also dealing with stuff like the global pandemic and making the switch to online-only.

But now that the first season of the Call of Duty League is over, it is safe to say that it went pretty darn well. And this means that we can no longer focus on the normal bi-weekly Home Series Weekends, but we can now look forward to the playoffs’ main event.

Final Call of Duty League Standings for Season 1

The playoffs will consist of two main events: the bulk of the postseason for the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season. But before we get into that, the final Home Series Weekend hosted by Toronto Ultra brought about the final chance for teams to earn points towards the Call of Duty League standings.

The Call of Duty League standings changed with each event in the season. Teams earned points and moved up and down through the ranks accordingly. Separate from the power rankings (we will have our own soon), these standings have indicated who did the best this season.

As for how teams were able to earn points for their placements in the Call of Duty League standings, winning matches and tournament events only. Ten points were given out for each of the match series wins that a team got and an additional 10 points if they were able to win an entire Home Series Weekend successfully.

With the 10th and final Home Series event, the Call of Duty League standings are now locked into place permanently for season one. You can find the final standings below from first to last place.

  • Atlanta FaZe: 280 points
  • Dallas Empire: 260 points
  • Florida Mutineers: 230 points
  • Chicago Huntsmen: 230
  • New York Subliners: 140
  • London Royal Ravens: 120
  • Toronto Ultra: 120
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 120
  • OpTic Gaming LA: 100
  • Paris Legion: 100
  • Seattle Surge: 50
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 50

Standings Don’t Indicate Season Winner

With the final season one Call of Duty League standings now here, there is important that we must note for everyone. The standings do not at all indicate the winner of the entire season. It means that the first place team was able to triumph over the others in normal play.

That team is Atlanta FaZe, which isn’t that surprising given the overall performance and domination of this team throughout the season. They were the final ones to be undefeated and went the longest with that fact, while also winning a couple of Home Series Weekends.

Without a doubt, Atlanta FaZe is the best team in the league currently, and that is what the standings tell us, but it doesn’t mean that they are the winners. Instead, this means that FaZe is simply the first seed for what is to come soon.

It is impressive that Atlanta FaZe was able to be at the top of the standings at the end of the first season given the rocky path here. Though the team was easily the best at the beginning of the season, they started to falter towards the end and barely returned to former glory in this final Home Series Weekend event.

What the Standings Do Mean and Affect

While the Call of Duty League standings don’t mean that Atlanta FaZe is the winner of the season, Dallas Empire was the runner up, and Florida Mutineers was the third-place team, it does mean that they are the top three teams overall in the league at this time.

This won’t change at all, but the standings affect what’s coming next for the inaugural season of the league. If you enjoyed this season, we are happy to announce that it isn’t over yet. We still have some time left in the season before it comes to an end.

The normal season might be over, but the postseason is just about to begin. The Challengers semi-pro division of the league will continue and come to an end soon, and then, after that, the playoffs season for the main pro league in Call of Duty.

This is where the leaderboard comes into play as something that affects the season. The teams’ rankings will determine what the bracket for the upcoming playoffs will be and ordered as such. This is why the points that teams earned were important for whether or not they have a real chance of taking away the championship trophy.

Call of Duty League Playoffs Bracket Revealed

The final standings and the end of the season mean that it is almost time for the playoff season to begin. Activision has already released the finalized bracket for the playoffs and general schedule so that we know what’s going to happen soon.

The finalized bracket for the playoffs season means that we can start getting ready and making our predictions for who we think will win it all when the championships are said and done. With that said, here’s what we know about the playoffs and the matches that will happen.

There is one thing that is still missing at this time, and that is the exact time that these matches will happen at. But we do know the general days for the event and the matchups that will happen during the playoffs. Like we mentioned before, these were determined by the final placements.

Thankfully for the bottom four teams in the leaderboard, Activision recently made some changes to the playoffs season and how it will work. Originally before all of this crazy stuff started to happen in the world, the playoffs would have only had the top eight teams with the other four having no chance at winning the championship trophy.

The change was made to allow all 12 teams to compete in the upcoming playoffs event. This means that, technically, even the last-place team Los Angeles Guerrillas could actually come out on top and win the championship trophy.

It is going to be extremely hard for that to happen, but it is technically possible; it depends on so many different factors. Anyone and everyone will have a chance to win the championship trophy and crowned as the first champion of the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.

On the other end of the spectrum from the bottom teams, the top four teams are given some advantages for doing so well this season and will have bye rounds that they will be able to skip during the initial portion of the playoffs.

So, while the bottom teams will automatically be at a disadvantage, the top teams will have a chance to bypass much of the competition by default. The disadvantage for the bottom teams is that they will start the tournament in the knockout bracket, so a single loss means they are out for good.

On the other hand, the top eight teams will start in the winners bracket for a single loss doesn’t mean the competition is over for them as they can move to the knockout bracket and continue competing long as they don’t get a loss there as well.

The eliminations bracket teams will play the first matches of the event on day one where OpTic Gaming LA will fight against Los Angeles Guerrillas in the battle of LA. This will be the final match for one of those two teams in this season.

On the other side, the other match will be Paris Legion against Seattle Surge where it is over for one of them. Day two will include the first matches of the winners bracket where New York Subliners will take on Minnesota Rokkr and London Royal Ravens will fight against Toronto Ultra.

On day three, the winners of those two matches will take on Chicago Huntsmen and Florida Mutineers. Those two teams get a bye round from the first round of the winners bracket. And then on day four, the winners of those two matches will take on the first and second place teams Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire, respectively.

Both teams are not getting one but two round byes from the competition and will have the chance to become the champions in as little as three matches if done right.

Call of Duty League Championship and How It Works

Speaking of the championship part of the Call of Duty League, technically, it and the playoffs are treated as sort of separate events. Or, at the very least, they are dividing the two up to emphasize both separately. They are the same event in a way, just divided into two different sections.

The playoffs will happen first and determine the top four teams from that portion of the postseason. Those top four teams will be part of the championship series that will ultimately figure out who the champion of the inaugural season will be.

It will be the top four teams from across the winners and lower brackets touted as part of the championship weekend. It will begin on that day with the two best teams from the winners bracket battling it out to see which one will move into the championship match.

On the other end, there will be two teams on the lower end that will compete in the second-to-last eliminations match. One of them will be eliminated and formally be the fourth-placed team in the league while the other one will move into the lower bracket finals.

There, the loser of the winners finals will take on the winner of the previous match, and one of them will be the victor while the other will be the third-place team. That winner and the winner of the upper bracket will then move into the final match of the first Call of Duty League to see which one will be the champion team.

When and Where to Watch the Call of Duty League Postseason

If you are interested in checking out the Call of Duty League postseason live as it happens, you will want to go to the same place as you have done for several months. The first location to watch all of the championship action live is on the official league’s YouTube channel.

But if you want to earn some rewards while you are watching all of the matches happen online, you should either head to the Call of Duty League website or the official companion app on mobile. Both of those allow you to watch the matches and log in so that you don’t miss out on rewards.

The events themselves will begin with the playoffs rounds that will happen Aug. 19-23. From there, the top four teams that are left standing will move to the following weekend and compete in the championship finals Aug. 29-30.


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