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The fighting game community is something truly special in the world of esports. Rarely will you ever see a group of people come together around such a unique and varied set of games. With so much going on in the fgc, our fighting game news coverage is here to keep you in the loop on everything from the future of netcode to updates on your favorite games.

Latest Fighting Game News

Jason Parker | April 20, 2021
With 100K on the line in an MK11 tournament, C9 Keeoh used Sheeva Stomp spam […]
Jason Parker | April 9, 2021
WePlay recently entered into a partnership with the Russian betting company 1xBet, and it sounds […]
Dustin Steiner | April 5, 2021
Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, recently redeemed Smash Ultimate pro, has announced that he will return to […]
Jason Parker | March 31, 2021
An incredible Smash Melee players around, William “Leffen” Hjelte will be having hand surgery, after […]
Jason Parker | March 30, 2021
Cloud 9’s Mang0 is one of the “Five Gods of Smash” and he still got […]
Dustin Steiner | March 19, 2021
The Evo Championship Series has been sold to a partnership of new esports venture RTS […]
Dustin Steiner | March 5, 2021
With Pyra and Mythra making their debut in Smash Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. series creator […]
Jason Parker | March 4, 2021
Smash Bros’ latest fighter, Pyra has her release today. There are some people that are […]
Dustin Steiner | February 22, 2021
Disgraced Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada has issued his first statement since […]
Jason Parker | February 19, 2021
We know, we know. Another sword character in Smash. It’s not who most of us […]
Jason Parker | February 11, 2021
Oh, Twitch, you’ve done it again. You’ve managed to disappoint a huge group of people, […]
Jason Parker | February 8, 2021
It’s been three years since Luminosity had a Smash Bros Melee player on their team, […]
Dustin Steiner | February 4, 2021
Smash Ultimate has smashed through yet another impressive sales record, with the game consistently being […]
Jason Parker | January 25, 2021
Guilty Gear Strive is the next iteration of the hit Guilty Gear franchise by Arc System […]
Dustin Steiner | January 14, 2021
The fighting game community has been one of the most challenging communities to govern in […]