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The fighting game community is something truly special in the world of esports. Rarely will you ever see a group of people come together around such a unique and varied set of games. With so much going on in the fgc, our fighting game news coverage is here to keep you in the loop on everything from the future of netcode to updates on your favorite games.

Latest Fighting Game News

Dustin Steiner | May 8, 2020
Unlike many teams across esports, Panda Global has taken the opportunity to expand further during […]
Dustin Steiner | May 1, 2020
Evo 2020 has officially been canceled (finally) after months of demands to do so from […]
Dustin Steiner | April 10, 2020
Street Fighter V and Rocket League were both set to make their Olympic debut at […]
Dustin Steiner | April 6, 2020
Street Fighter’s Capcom Pro Tour has been running strong since 2014 in Ultra Street Fighter […]
Jason Parker | March 25, 2020
Street Fighter 5 continues to be a dominant force in the FGC, as the current […]
Jason Parker | March 2, 2020
It’s a sad thing to report that Nintendo still doesn’t view Super Smash Bros. as […]
Isaac Chandler | February 26, 2020
Months after the org’s supposed dissolution following last year’s scandal surrounding allegations against one of […]
Jason Parker | February 10, 2020
Dragon Ball FighterZ’s World Tour Finals took place this weekend in Paris! The finals had […]
Jason Parker | January 20, 2020
Frosty Faustings XII went down in Illinois this weekend, with a ton of fighting game […]
Jason Parker | January 16, 2020
I was one of the 356,000+ people sitting in a YouTube video, waiting for the […]
Jason Parker | January 14, 2020
This Thursday is going to be a massive day for the Super Smash Bros community. […]
Jason Parker | December 16, 2019
Gill wasn’t enough?! He’s frustrating enough to deal with (guess it’s time to practice him!), […]
Jason Parker | December 16, 2019
What a wild weekend this was for Street Fighter V! The Capcom Cup has concluded, […]
Jason Parker | December 12, 2019
Lifelong gaming fan/professional wrestler Kenny Omega is playing a pivotal role in this year’s Street […]
Jason Parker | December 9, 2019
If Harada “Don’t Ask Me For S**T” Katsuhiro says there was no leak, then there […]