FIFA Pro Harry Hesketh Banned for ‘Your Mom’ Joke

by in Sports Games | Jan, 25th 2021

This is such a weird situation. Harry “Harry” Hesketh was a Fnatic FIFA 21 player. In a live stream, he made an off-color ‘Your Mom’ joke about Anders Vejrgang. Anders Vejrgang is a titanic player who went on a record-breaking win streak in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, and it’s nothing to sneeze at. However, EA Sports didn’t appreciate this breach of protocol and conduct. They banned Harry from the next Europe Regional Qualifier (Feb. 6-7), but that’s it. Harry didn’t take it well and instead retired from FIFA 21 in its totality.

A Strange Precedent Has Been Set

What is even more strange about this, the stream in question took place on December 12th, and neither of the persons involved seemed to have ill-will about the situation. Harry was facing Anders Vejrgang in FIFA when the Your Mom joke was dropped. Harry seemed pretty upset about how the game was going. So Harry made a joke about how Vejrgang’s quick fingers got him to the top of FIFA, but Harry’s long fingers may have made him a hit with Vejrgang’s mom. 

We can understand being salty, especially losing 13-0. The game ended thanks to Harry being inactive. Instead of playing, he was reportedly singing and dancing with an Everton flag around his neck instead of playing. Harry even apologized in December and also reached out to Vejrgang’s management. They informed the Fnatic player that no offense had been taken.

It sounds like a really unfortunate night that Harry took very poorly. Harry also took the time to make sure his fans didn’t go and harass Vejrgang’s social media or Twitch. Was Harry’s Your Mom joke uncalled for? Sure. But was it the worst thing? The ban wasn’t a massive one, but according to Harry, it sets a dangerous precedent:

“If this is the precedent your setting, for pro players, in the next 24 hours, I could go out and get every single person who has ever competed on the world stage banned. You see people attacking each other every day on the (Twitter) timeline, that’s a million times worse!”

Online gaming is a toxic place, that’s for sure. More often than not, people don’t apologize either. Trash talk is common in gaming, and there’s a difference between a rib that’s gone too far and wishing death against someone/being hateful. I don’t see this one as being terrible. A warning would have been far more appropriate, perhaps. 

We do understand why Harry decided not to pursue FIFA competitively anymore. It feels like an isolated incident, and we don’t often see reports of people banned in FIFA, especially not for something like this. If he’s being made an example, it’s an extraordinary case to hang one’s hat. Instead of waiting for the ban out, he has come to terms and parted ways with Fnatic. Instead, he’s going to focus on a solo content creator, according to Twitter. 

Harry’s retirement announcement was a simple, “I’ve been banned and have retired,” which also has a YouTube video on Twitter. This is a complicated situation, despite not being complex. It’s a situation between two solved amicably but wound up with a ban being served weeks later? We don’t know what EA Sports were thinking by this decision. It wound up ending the career of a fantastic FIFA player. Harry will continue to make content, though. Perhaps he’ll make a return one day, but for now, we’ll have to catch his videos online instead of watching him play in the esports sphere.


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