FIFA 22 Starts Soon | A Closer Look at FUT 22 TOTW 1 Predictions

by in Sports Games | Sep, 21st 2021

FIFA 22 is set to be officially released on October 1st. But, various game passes (such as EA Play Pro) will allow players to play the game a bit earlier… starting this week! Some subscription models will allow players ten hours of pre-release-date gameplay, while others will give them the full experience.

FUT 22 TOTW 1 Predictions

With the FIFA 22 Web App scheduled for September 22nd release, EA will look to finalize their TOTW picks later today. Here are our FUT 22 TOTW 1 predictions – seven world-class players who took no time to get this season up and running!

Cristiano Ronaldo 92 IF

Is Cristiano Ronaldo really going to get his first in-form card in the very first week? Well, everything points to that, really! The brilliant Portuguese striker has already scored four goals for Manchester United in just three matches. Three in the Premier League and one in the Champions League. He’s fast, he’s strong on the ball, and he’s still the best in the business of heading the ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Wikipedia
Ronaldo should be back up top now that he’s got a game in.

A 92 IF would do him justice as lots of people feel he’s been cheated out of 92 OVR base card. If Robert Lewandowski can be 92, so can my man Cristiano Ronaldo. His downgrade is probably the result of his transfer to Manchester United. But, he’s already proved that he can score in the Premier League, so a 92 IF is the least EA can do to right this wrong!

Virgil van Dijk 90 IF

Virgil van Dijk’s return to the heart of Liverpool’s defense bears crucial importance for Klopp’s side! When he’s there, Liverpool plays like a completely different team. His base card is 89 overall with strong stats across the board. A slight boost to his physical and pace would be great, just enough to make a difference early to mid-game!

Erling Haaland 89 IF

Moving on with our FUT 22 TOTW predictions, let’s talk about the golden boy from Norway, Erling Haaland. The marvelous 21-year-old has already scored eleven goals this season, netting in four additional assists too. That’s seven goals and four assists in five Bundesliga games – crazy! He’s going to get at least an 89 in-form card, no doubt about it!

Thiago Silva 86 IF

Thiago Silva was an absolute menace against Tottenham last weekend. He scored one goal and had another amazing chance in Chelsea’s 3:0 win against Espirito Santo’s Spurs. He wasn’t just brilliant in front of the opposition’s goal but in front of his own too. For that reason, we’re bound to see Thiago get an in-form card in the very first week.

Thiago Silva (@tsilva3) | Twitter
Silva’s performance is sure to get him a huge boost.

David De Gea 86 IF

DDG just saved a stoppage-time penalty against West Ham to secure all three points for Manchester United. The Red Devils are currently the second Premier League team, behind Chelsea on goal difference. De Gea is a big part of that success, having played several extraordinary ePL matches thus far.

Edin Dzeko 84 IF

Even though many doubted Inter’s decision to replace Lukaku with Dzeko, the Bosnian diamond proved his haters wrong! The 35-year-old striker has scored five goals thus far, four in Serie A and one in the Champions League. His base card is 83 OVR, meaning we’re safe to expect an 84-rated IF right off the bat.

Edin Džeko - Wikipedia
Dzeko proved the haters wrong last week.

Nabil Fekir 85 IF

Finalizing our FUT 22 TOTW predictions, we have Nabil Fekir! His base card is 84 OVR with pretty well-rounded stats just like last year. But, Fekir has had a brilliant start to this season with impeccable passing and an important goal in Betis’ 2-2 draw against Espanyol. Fekir’s 85 IF is going to be pricey, that’s for sure!


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