FIFA 22 PC Version Might Be the Same as Old-Gen Games

by in Sports Games | Jun, 22nd 2021

Usually, when talking about games that are released on multiple platforms, PC versions are graphically the most advanced ones. It’s nothing surprising, considering the computing power high-end PCs possess.  

But, when it comes to EA sports and their FIFA series, it’s (almost) always the exact opposite! Next-gen consoles get special next-gen treatment right away, while PC players are doomed for old-gen gameplay for at least one or two more years. The same story goes for the FIFA 22 PC version, which won’t see any real improvements over the current FIFA 21 release.

FIFA 22 PC Old-Gen Gameplay | Same Old Story

We’ve been through this story numerous times already. Take the PC version of FIFA 14 as the perfect example. It was identical to the old PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, far inferior to the next-gen PS4 and XBO releases.

Last year, FIFA 21 got a graphically improved version, but only for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Looks like the vicious cycle continues – FIFA 22 PC is practically going to be the same game as FIFA 21, with incremental improvements and fresh list of transfers.

“It’s something being explored for the future,” a rep from EA Sports said. “We’re still early in the transition to next-gen and right now the team is focused on making the best, quality experience on new consoles before looking to upgrade other platforms.”

However, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet! But, EA Sports has let everyone know that next-gen consoles are their top priority. Those are the platforms most players enjoy FIFA on – those are the platforms EA Sports will keep on improving. Unfortunately, from the looks of things, FIFA 22 PC version will get no such love!

What do the folks over at EA sports have to say for themselves?

Well, supposedly, they are “waiting for average gamer’s PC hardware to catch up with next-gen console hardware,” which is the poorest excuse for not having a proper next-gen release I’ve ever heard.

You guys know me – I don’t like EA! They are, hands down, the worst money-grabbing company in the gaming sphere, and these sorts of moves are only going to keep them cemented to the very bottom.


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