FIFA 21 New Player Objectives and SBCs | July 2021 Update

by in Sports Games | Jul, 12th 2021

The FIFA 21 lifecycle is almost all wrapped up. FIFA 22 release date news are flooding the headlines with more and more players giving up on last year’s release and eagerly waiting for the next one. Unfortunately for PC players, FIFA 22 will be in many ways same as FIFA 21. Next gen consoles will at least get another incremental update, both graphically and AI-wise, though the same can’t be said for the PC version.

If you’re still among players who haven’t had enough of FIFA 21, for one reason or another, perhaps our list of the best new FIFA 21 players will be of service!

Best New FIFA 21 Players

With FIFA Summer Stars, Player Nation and new Showdown cards available in-game, there’s something for everyone. Depending on your budget and the pulls you got from your last FUT Champions and Division Rivals awards, you might even have some of these cards. If you don’t, let’s see how you can get your hands on these new FIFA 21 players!


There are always a few players in the objectives category, some more viable than others. At the moment, the Columbian Jerry Mina is easily obtainable; all you have to do to get this 95 OVR card is to finish four simple objectives.

FOF Nation Player Yerry Mina

Gosens was the last FOF Nation player that you could’ve earned by completing four simple objectives. This time around, Yerry Mina is the go-to option, a mighty 95 OVR Premier League center-back. That’s right, the massive Columbian’s card is an absolute beast and will perfectly fit in all types of Premier League defenses.

If, however, you’re dealing with a hybrid team, you might have to search for proper icon connections as there aren’t that many good Columbian players in the game… unless you’ve already finished that 93 OVR James Rodriguez last week, that is.

Yerry Mina (credit Futbin)

Here’s what you’ll need to get your hands on FOFA Nation player Yerry Mina:

  • Assist and score using players with min 4-star weak foot in 4 separate matches (World Class SB or Division Rivals)
  • Score 15 goals (Professional SB or Division Rivals)
  • Score at least 1 finesse goal in 7 separate SB World Class or Division Rivals wins.
  • Assist with through balls in 10 separate matches on SB Professional or Division Rivals.

Squad Building Challenges

FIFA is continuing with another splendid set of players we can create for our teams! If Shaqiri, Kimmich and the company weren’t good enough for you or they simply didn’t fit the style of your teams, then perhaps the following three new FIFA 21 players will be more up your alley:

Showdown Thiago Silva 94 OVR

Are you still playing a cold-hard ePL squad? If you are, then this Thiago Silva masterclass card ought to already be on your radar. It’s a beefy card, no doubt about that, a well-rounded central back that you can mix and mash with all sorts of connections. But, that’s not even the best thing about it! The best thing is the fact it only takes two teams to solve it. And we’re not even talking about hefty requirements here. Here’s a closer look:


  • Chelsea
    • Min 1 Chelsea player
    • Min team rating 83
    • Min team chemistry 75
  • National Duty
    • Min 1 Brazilian player
    • Min team rating 87
    • Min team chemistry 40

Showdown Angel Correa 94 OVR

Angel Correa is an Argentinian La Liga striker with superb stats. 95 pace, 93 shooting, 92 passing, 97 dribbling and 87 physique. This dude is a beast, make no mistake about it! But, with the likes of Isak and several others widely available in packs and coming at relatively cheap prices on the transfer market, is Correa a good option?

Angel Correa (credit Futbin)

Well, considering the fact it requires just two teams (83 and 83 OVR), it’s well worth the investment!


  • Atletico Madrid
    • Min 1 Atl. Madrid player
    • Min team rating 83
    • Min team chemistry 75
  • National Duty
    • Min 1 Argentinian player
    • Min team rating 86
    • Min team chemistry 50

Showdown Jorginho 94 OVR

Jorginho is the cheapest 94 OVR player you can get your hands on in the current list of player-based Squad Building Challenges. We’re looking at one of the best all-arounders in the game, with only pace and shooting below 90 (both at 89). A closer look at some of his more detailed stats shows just how good this player is. No matter if you’re building hybrids, Italians, or the ePL, for just an 86 OVR team, getting Jorginho is a no-brainer!


  • Jorginho Challenge
    • Min 1 Italian player
    • Min team rating 86
    • Min team chemistry 50

Showdown Rice 94 OVR

Declan Rice’s card also tops the all-rounders charts! It’s exceptional for everything besides long-range shots and finishing… but then again, that’s something you’ll rarely need from your central defensive midfielders. Well, unless it’s 89th minute and you’re already b**ls deep inside side overload and ultra-attacking tactics.

Declan Rice (credit Futbin)


  • National Duty
    • Min 1 English player
    • Min team rating 82
    • Min team chemistry 80
  • Premier League
    • Min 1 Premier League player
    • Min team rating 85
    • Min team chemistry 50

Summer Stars Upgrade

Last but not least, there’s another limited-time Squad Building Challenge that doesn’t get you a specific player but one of the available FOF Summer Stars cards. The likes of 99 Messi, 99 Ronaldo, 98 De Bruyne and 97 Modrić could be all yours, so it’s definitely worth the specified requirements.

Here’s what you’ll need to finish this one:

  • Min OVR 86
  • Chemistry min 30

That’s it, no TOTS or TOTW requirements and the chemistry is capped at lowly 30. All you need is a couple of 90+ rated players for this one, and the rest can be cheap 84’s. Fingers crossed you don’t get Bravo…

With those words, it’s time to wrap the story up!

Some of the objectives and Squad Building Challenges for these new FIFA 21 players end in just one or two days, so make sure you hurry up if you don’t want to miss out on several decent opportunities.


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