FIFA 20 Is Plagued by Bugs, EA Ignores Complaints

by in Sports Games | Sep, 30th 2019

FIFA 20 promised a whole heap of new features coming in both gameplay and career mode perspective. Additionally, it boasted with a brand-new game mode resembling the fan-favorite FIFA Street franchise. Those promises kept the fans at the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the newest FIFA iteration. After one week of FIFA 20 gameplay, those promises were cut short. FIFA 20 bugs are plentiful, the promised career mode changes are nowhere near the guaranteed depth, and the Volta game mode feels heavily watered down.

Yep, it’s safe to say FIFA 20 bugs are plaguing the game at the moment!

FIFA 20 Bugs | New Season, Same Story

I’m not surprised FIFA 20 bugs are rocking the headlines. After all, it’s what happens season in and season out. EA has become the favorite organization to hate in the gaming industry, and it’s all justified by the way they treat the end-users. Whether we’re talking about ever-present microtransaction, not just for cosmetic items but items needed to progress in some of their games, or the fact that most of their new games are bug-packed disasters. EA is sinking further down the hole, and they’ll need to turn a new page in their business if they want to get back up on their feet.

As far as the biggest FIFA 20 bugs are concerned, here’s the most notable bunch:

Career Mode Dynamic Growth Not Working

One of the most highly anticipated features of FIFA 20 was the necessary and long-awaited career mode rework. Career mode alterations, alongside the new FIFA Street-esque game mode called Volta, were the most prominent marketing aces up FIFA 20’s sleeves. It’s no wonder people are disappointed. Those changes are either bugged, dull, or do nothing as far as the career mode progress is concerned.

Let’s go through the biggest fails of FIFA 20 career mode:

  • The press conferences repetitive (we all kind of expected this anyway). They also have little to no impact on the situation in your dressing room. No matter which answers you opt for, your players will always be happy. I have to say I couldn’t get this bug on my career mode save, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence online.
  • Dynamic player growth, the most prominent career mode change, turned out to be the biggest flop. It’s buggy and doesn’t work for some people. For those it does work for, it’s nowhere near the marketed promises.
  • One of the innovations announced alongside dynamic player growth was aimed toward older players and their declining attributes. If older players perform well (score goals, assists and have consistently high ratings), their attribute decline is supposed to slow down. However, many players report this feature doesn’t work at all, with players over 30 rapidly losing attributes even if they’re having their breakthrough season.
  • FUT Jerseys Causing Gameplay Difficulties

    Furthermore, I’ve experienced a terrible jersey selection in FIFA Ultimate Team. It happened two or three times over roughly one hundred games I’ve played thus far. But it’s annoying and renders the match completely unplayable.

    As those who’ve played FUT 20 already know, Rivals pre-match screen is a bit different than last year’s. It features an option to automatically set your opponents’ jersey to your default away kit (or home, depending on which one your team is using) if it’s going to cause visibility issues. The problem is, this system doesn’t work all the time. As I said above, on two or three occasions, the game didn’t alter my opponent’s jersey. So, we were playing with virtually identical (from the default camera POV) jerseys.

    This is one of the worst FIFA 20 bugs I can imagine, but on the bright side, it doesn’t happen that often.

    Additional Career Mode Bugs

    Last but not least, here’s a short list conveying other notable FIFA 20 bugs destroying career mode immersion. You can learn more about them in this thread.

    • AI team selection favors random players instead of their usual starting eleven.
    • Match combustion with two or three matches in the span of three to four days.
    • Massive glitches regarding player editing.
    • Interviews are dull and not based on match scores in some cases.
    • The overall presentation feels incredibly bad and often breaks immersion.

    On the Bright Side

    Not everything is excessively bleak about the all-new FIFA iteration. FIFA 20 gameplay improvements, for example, are outright phenomenal. Whether we’re talking about the new AI that’s much more realistic and allows you to create splendid passage of play in the opponent’s third, the elimination of the kickoff glitch (FINALLY!!!), or other incremental animation and gameplay improvements, FIFA 20 gameplay doesn’t fail to deliver.

    I already have around 50 hours in the game, most of which was spent playing actual soccer instead of going through FUT menus, career mode interactions, and whatnot. That wasn’t the case last year, nor the year before that. These last few years were almost always plagued by obnoxious gameplay bugs that rendered the game unplayable, especially FIFA Ultimate Team. That’s why I was playing around with SBCs, squad battles and the good old career mode which meant almost 50% of my gameplay came down to menu-to-menu navigation.

    That’s not the case with FIFA 20 as the gameplay is finally enjoyable. There are no substantial wipeout matches anymore (they’re not that plentiful, at least) and the gameplay experience is utmost entertaining and dynamic. Players’ animations are smooth, there are no huge mistakes that happen in virtually every match, and the server-side lag has been brought down to a bare minimum. Overall, gameplay-wise FIFA 20 is the best FIFA I’ve had the chance to play thus far, and for that – thank you EA!

    EA Trying to Hush Players’ Criticism

    However, when EA does one thing right, they do five things terribly. You see, a few days ago EA has been accused of going out of their way to silence players’ criticism over career mode FIFA 20 bugs. That’s basically how the #FixCareerMode movement took off a couple of days ago. After EA staff deleted forum threads and comments that reported new bugs and urged EA to fix them ASAP.

    Later on, EA promised a fix for career mode FIFA 20 bugs, but it won’t be coming out in the first big patch for the game. That means we’ll have to go through several more weeks of barely playable career mode. On the bright side, at least FIFA 20 Ultimate Team isn’t plagued by bugs. However, I doubt that’ll be any consolation to CM fans.


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