FFXIV Becomes the Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game With More Than 24 Million Players

by in General | Oct, 13th 2021

As someone there in FFXIV 1.0, it’s great to hear FFXIV is the most profitable Final Fantasy to date. It’s unseated FFXI, with the 24+ million players taking part in adventures on Eorzea. No matter which Final Fantasy is your favorite, it hasn’t brought in the same kind of income that FFXIV has – it’s the most profitable of all time. It’s a fascinating thing to see because 1.0 was critically panned as an absolute failure. Square Enix could have given up and demolished the game, but instead, Yoshi-P (Naoki Yoshida) took the reigns, fixed the game, and turned it into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It’s been milestone after milestone, and it’s something worth celebrating.

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Impressive Growth After FFXIV 1.0

This came to light during an FFXIV preview event, where Yoshi-P divulged the MMO is the most profitable Final Fantasy title of all time. Alpha testing began for A Realm Reborn around 2012, and by 2015, it had 4+ million players. By Stormblood, we saw 10+ million registered users. Here we are, at the precipice of the Endwalker expansion, with more than 24 million players! That is astronomical growth. It’s amazing what an MMO can do when it listens to its players instead of treating them like clowns.

Yoshi-P spoke about this growth from the game’s launch during the FFXIV preview event. “You all know just how hard things were for us with the original Final Fantasy 14. Since then, we were able to transform the title into one that provides a major contribution to our company’s profits. It’s perhaps unbecoming of me to say, but in terms of our business, we’ve been able to achieve great success. Moving forward, we’re going to spare no expense with our investments to ensure that this game continues to be one which our players can enjoy.”

What led to this kind of growth? Streaming surely played a role, but a lot of it also comes from the amazing Shadowbringers story. It brought a lot of people back and introduced new players to the MMO. The free trial evolved over the years and is now, despite the meme, the best free trial in any MMO. We’ve talked about both that and what makes FFXIV so great. Things have been so good for FFXIV that it ran out of digital codes this year!

It’s been about 11 years since the original release, and they aren’t slowing down at all. FFXIV is the most profitable Final Fantasy game, as per Yoshi-P, but what does this mean?

It might be cliche to say, but FFXIV’s developers look at the players as more than just fans – they’re family. They’re friends and family, and they want to make the best possible MMO. The people who develop FFXIV love the game and play it too! It’s an impressive, story-driven MMO and has changed how I look at the MMO genre. I’ve covered them for a living for 7+ years, and it is the standard by which I measure other MMOs. 

Yoshida spoke about this as well. “I think if there’s one thing that really sets Final Fantasy 14 apart from other titles in the genre, it’s that we really aim for FF14 to be a gold-standard, story-driven MMO. I think that’s an important point of differentiation compared to other MMO titles.”

FFXIV wasn’t trying to be the WoW-killer. Many of the devs love WoW! During this event, Yoshi-P told the press that Square Enix will “spare no expensive going forward” to FFXIV. Specifically, he said, “Moving forward, we’re going to spare no expense with our investments to ensure that this game continues to be one which our players can enjoy.”

Endwalker is on November 23, with early access beginning on November 19. We’re very excited about the two new classes and all the amazing content that will come with the expansion. It’s not hyperbole to say that Yoshi-P saved FFXIV and helped make it the most profitable Final Fantasy game in history.


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